Volleyball Rules for IIMS KHEL UTSAV 2024

Participation Details:

  1. There are a total of 12 players in the team, 6 on the playing set, and the other remaining will be the substitutes. 
  2. Team members must be present in the ground 30 minutes before the game, failure to do so could result in team forfeiting the game.
  3. Gameplay rules will be explained before the game.
  4. Fair play is the top most priority and incase of any trouble during the game, officials, organizing committee and college management decision will be the final one.
  5. IIMS KHEL UTSAV 2024 is open to all the students enrolled at IIMS College only.
  6. Only one volleyball team is allowed from each faculty (course). The team form that is signed by the Academic Department will be considered the official team that is representing the faculty (course).

Volleyball Rules and Regulations:

Here are the fundamental, must-know rules of a volleyball game:

  1. There are only 6 players on the floor at any given time: 3 in the front row and 3 in the back row.  
  2. Points are made on every serve for the winning team of the rally (rally-point scoring).
  3. Players may not hit the ball twice in succession (a block is not considered a hit).
  4. A ball may be played off the net during a volley or on a serve.
  5. A ball hitting a boundary line is in.
  6. A ball is out if it hits an antennae, the floor completely outside the court, any of the net or cables outside the antennae, the referee stand or pole, or the ceiling above a non-playable area.
  7. It is legal to contact the ball with any part of a player’s body.
  8. It is illegal to catch, hold, or throw the ball.
  9. A player cannot block or attack a serve from on or inside the 10-foot line.
  10. After the serve, front-line players may switch positions at the net.
  11. Matches are made up of sets; the number depends on the level of play.

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