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IIMS College Partners with EC-Council to Empower Students in Cybersecurity and IT

We are excited to announce that IIMS College is partnering with EC-Council, a leading name in cybersecurity training. This partnership reflects our dedication and commitment to offering students the finest resources and opportunities in cybersecurity and IT.

IIMS College is now officially an academia partner with the EC-Council – a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity certification and training. Its certification programs are recognized worldwide which have trained and certified over 300,000 information security professionals. This collaboration promises to grant our Computer Science students access to exceptional benefits as below – 

– Access to Premier Cybersecurity Training: Explore EC-Council’s diverse training programs designed to equip you with cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise.

– Industry-Recognized Certifications: Gain industry-recognized credentials highly sought after by employers worldwide.

– Expert-Led Workshops and Webinars: Participate in exclusive sessions conducted by top cybersecurity professionals.

– Career Advancement Opportunities: Gain insights and skills that will open doors to exciting career opportunities in cybersecurity.


Additionally, this collaboration offers students access to:

– Information on free Essentials Series courses.

– Certification course syllabus details.

– Information on free EC-Council Testing Center applications and functions.

– Partner and Certification logos, and more…


Mr. Rabin Thapa, Academic Director of BCS, envisions immense potential in this collaboration. He states, “This partnership will significantly enhance our BCS curriculum and provide invaluable professional growth opportunities for both students and staff. It will enrich their learning experience and better prepare them for the evolving demands of the cybersecurity industry.”

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