• Final Exam Scheduled (Computing May 2021) Published Date: 2, August 2021

    Dear Students,

    Please find the Final Board Exam schedule via this link:
    Kindly take note of the subject listing & the final exam date-time.
    • All exams question papers will be released inside google classroom
    • Students must hand-write all answers sequentially and submit the answers in pdf format using ‘CamScanner app’ or ‘Camera Scanner app’ or other suitable apps.
    • Students are advised to keep their written answers handy incase required for later purpose
    • Students will be divided into separate groups. Each group will have to join a separate google meet link which will be used for exam proctoring (monitoring).
    • Students must remain exam-sufficient i.e. connected throughout the exams period, and have their web camera turned on during the whole exam duration.
    • Students will have additional 30 mins to 1 hour to compile their answers and upload into google classroom. The compilation time will be briefed by invigilator before beginning the examination.
    • All answers submission must have an Exam token, an exam cover page clearly mentioning Student’s Full Name, University ID, Course Code, Course Name and exam dates.
    • College Management will not be responsible for any course failure for not being able to verify or identify student’s submissions.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to compile and submit the answers in a readable format.
    • The file name must be in following format:
      • Firstname_Lastname_ID_Subjectname.pdf
    Also be informed on below:
    • Any delayed or late submission will not be marked
    • Submission of answers via email will not be marked
    • All submission will be checked against the similarity percentage or any possible plagiarism and significant similar answers will not be marked
    Students can now collect exam token. Kindly contact exam department for further queries.
    IIMS Academics
  • IIMS LockDown Carnival Seasons 2 | Deadline Notice Published Date: 12, July 2021

    Have you been dull and tired due to the nationwide lockdown and home quarantine? Your skills haven’t been polished all this time? Well here is your platform to showcase your talents and win exciting prizes for each category. Make this home time a fun time.

    Unlike Season 1, Lockdown Carnival Season 2 is here with a truly new, interesting, and productive model for the entire IIMS Group. Here we announce all the deadlines for respective categorized events of the carnival.
    IIMS Mobile Photography Contest: 18th July 2021
    60 Seconds to Frame: 25th July 2021
    Trendy talks: 1st August 2021
    Diverse Diaries: 4th August 2021
    Haasau Dukkha Naasau: 7th August 2021
    Green City Model: 13th August 2021

    Hurry Up!
    Participate now and submit your content before the deadline. And thus get a chance to win exciting prizes.
    All the details have been mailed to you in your respective college email ids.

    Details to be published in the following posts. Till then stay connected with IIMS Creations. Like the page and subscribe to the IIMS Creations YouTube Channel.

  • Announcement: Mobile Photography Contest Published Date: 4, July 2021

    Dear all,
    IIMS computing department is hosting the IIMS mobile photography contest under IIMS Lockdown Carnival 2.0. The event is open to all students & staffs of IIMS College and it’s affiliates. Interested candidates may participate by submitting their pictures using the submission link below:
    Furthermore, the event details has been shared to student’s college email.
    Please note that the event submission link will remain active from 4th July until 12th July 2021. All winners will be announced on 18th July 2021.
    Happy Clicking !!!
    IIMS Academics
  • Webinar on Future of Jobs Published Date: 2, July 2021

    Dear All,

    Please be informed on the upcoming event will be hosted by Prof. Dr. Kurunathan AL Ratnavelu – Director ICSDI, UCSI University.

    The event is open to all current IIMS student and the perspective students interested to know more about the Computing program or relevant degree in IT. The session will help participants understand how enrolling into Computing course now will prepare them for future opportunities.

    Event Date: Fri, 02 July 2021 @10:00 am – 11:30 am

    Zoom Link:

    See you there.

    IIMS Academics

  • Scholarship Announcement May 2021 Published Date: 29, June 2021

    Dear Computing Students,

    Please be informed that the scholarship winners for May 2021 session has been announced and published. For details kindly follow the link below:

    IIMS Academics

  • Final Reminder on Application for Academic Scholarship Published Date: 17, June 2021

    Dear Student (Computing),

    As previously communicated, please be reminded that the final date to submit scholarship application is Fri, 18th June 2021. Any applications received beyond 18th June will be void.

    The academic scholarship will be awarded for May-2021 session based on the exam results, Internal component marks and the attendance/disciplinary records of Jan-Apr 2021 session. The scholarship awardees will be announced via email and Mobile Apps on 25th June 2021.

    Students who have already submitted an application are not required to re-submit, in other cases please submit the following for the assessment:

    • Results of the previous final exam
    • A email explaining why you should receive scholarship

    IIMS Academics

  • Final reminder on Closure of Course-Faculty Evaluation Published Date: 17, June 2021

    Dear Computing Students,

    Please help us understand your perspective of each course by filling up the survey form before 24th June 2021. Any feedback received after 24th June, will not be include in the outcome evaluation. The survey forms were shared via email & google classroom on Sun, 6th June 2021.

    This evaluation will help us to improve teaching practices at IIMS College. Furthermore, your feedback will help document the teacher’s current performance and to form a basis for faculty’s semester evaluations.

    Thank you for your time and sharing your valuable insight.
    IIMS Academics

  • Guest Session & Changes to Mid Term Exam Schedule Published Date: 16, June 2021

    Dear Computing Students,

    Please be aware on the changes to the previously scheduled Mid-Term exams for tomorrow (Thursday), 17th June 2021. The changes had to be made due to scheduled guest session which could not be changed due to unavailability of the guest this and the next week.

    This means, the exam papers will be released at scheduled time however students will have extended submission deadlines.

    Please find the updates exam schedule below:


  • Mid Term Exam (Computing) 2021 May Published Date: 16, June 2021

    Dear BSc Computing Students,

    Please find included the detailed timetable of 2021 May Mid-Term exams.

    Also be informed that the regular classes may continue as per the notices released by course faculty in the respective google class.

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice on Class Start & Course Registration (Computing) Published Date: 5, May 2021

    Dear Students,

    Please be informed that the classes of your May-Aug 2021 session will begin online from Sun, 9th May 2021.

    The detailed class time table and the academic calendar will be shared soon.

    All students are mandatorily required to submit their course registration for May-Aug 2021 session before Fri, 7th May 2021. Further details are shared via your college email.

    Stay Safe

    IIMS Academics

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