• Online Class at IIMS Published Date: 14, October 2020

    It has been more than 6 months since the pandemic started and the lockdown has caused a serious jolt to the educational institutions. Thankfully, we had an opportunity to utilize the virtual platform to conduct the classes and ensure we were not required to hold and compromise with student academic progress. Since the lockdown, Google Classroom has been in use with fully equipped teaching/ learning tools, interactive virtual classroom, recorded lecture sessions, and engaging assessments.

    Until now, starting from the entire pandemic situation, there have been uninterrupted and continuous online classes. Along with that, different Online Sessions, Online Workshops, Webinars, and Guest Lectures have been organized for all the students belonging to BHM, BIT, BBA, and MBA faculties. The academic progress hasn’t been at a halt since the very beginning and quality education provision was, has, and will never be compromised.

  • Notice Regarding training sessions on Node.js Published Date: 18, September 2020

    Dear Students (3rd Semester),

    Please be reminded that the training classes of ‘Node.js’ is scheduled to begin from Sun. 20th Sep 2020. More details has been shared to your individual college email.

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice regarding training sessions of Laravel Published Date: 18, September 2020

    Dear Students (3rd Semester),

    Please be reminded that the training classes of ‘PHP with Laravel’ is scheduled to begin from Sun. 20th Sep 2020. More details has been shared to your individual college email.

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice on Academic transcripts and the Letter of Completion Published Date: 15, September 2020

    Dear Graduates (Computing),

    For all students of 2016-05, 2017-01 and 2017-05 batch who have graduated by clearing all courses since the final exam of Dec 2019, please be informed that the softcopy of academic transcripts along with the letter of completion is now available for collection. Graduates may write an email to to receive the copy of the same. The hard copies including the degree certificates will be made available soon.

    The documents will only be released once the clearance is obtained from all departments primarily from academic, accounts and library. This also further means any pending dues, not returned books or unsettled fines may delay or stop the release of the requested documents.

    In case any further concerns, Graduates are requested to contact Mr. Rabin Thapa via provided official email.

    IIMS Academics


  • Placement Opportunity Published Date: 15, September 2020

    Dear Computing Student,

    We are glad to announce intern or entry-level placement opportunity for few interested students with some basic knowledge of Node.js or react.js. If interested kindly send your CV to detailing the specific skill-sets on JavaScript framework by Friday, 18th Sept 2020.

    IIMS Academics

  • Supplementary Exam May 2020 Registration Published Date: 6, September 2020

    Dear Computing Students,

    Please be informed that the final result of the May-Aug 2020 session has been published in your IIS account. Students who cannot access their IIS account should write an email to requesting a password reset and explaining the problems.

    Only students with grade ‘C-‘ can appear for supplementary exams. But please note that students who pass the supplementary exam will only be able to score a maximum of grade ‘C’.

    If you qualify for Supplementary exam and wish to attempt, then kindly fill in the supplementary Exam form, shared via email, by 8th Sep 2020.

    IIMS Academics

  • Course Registration Sep 2020 Published Date: 3, September 2020

    Dear Computing Students,

    The course registration form for Sep- Dec 2020 session has been sent to your college gmail which must be submitted by Fri, 4th Sep 2020. Also shared to your email is the course deferment (suspension) and withdrawal form, in case any students wishes to discontinue or dropout.

    Please note failure to submit course registration within stated deadline will results in removal of the name from the class attendance sheet.

    Thank you for your cooperation. Kindly email any further concerns to

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice on Final Online Exam (May-Aug 2020) Published Date: 3, August 2020

    Dear Students (BSc Computing),

    Please be reminded that the final exam which will be online assessment based will begin from 16th August 2020. The final assessments will be released via respective google classes and students are required to use their college email for submissions.

    Like in previous semesters, all submissions must be well formatted and must use the cover page clearly showing students University ID, Full Name, Course Code & Course Name.

    Exam_assessment details included here.

    IIMS Academics

  • Career in QA for Computing Students Published Date: 3, August 2020

    This is an important announcement to all BSc Computing students who’ve recently completed their Online training on Software Quality Assurance & Testing’.

    Your dedication and engagement during lockdown surely has proven fruitful. A vacancy for 4 has been created by your trainer esp. to all final semester students who completed the training and are interested to start their career in QA, immediately from September 2020.

    This is a great opportunity for our students and IIMS shares deepest gratitude and thanks to the trainer for paving pathways to students career.

    Interested students are urged to follow your classroom posts.


  • Start of May-Aug 2020 Session Published Date: 3, May 2020

    Dear Computing Students,
    Please be informed that all classes of May-Aug 2020 will begin from 6th May 2020.
    Unlike previous semester we’ll be running all classes online. Students are advised to remain internet equipped and download google classroom app, zoom and google meet for their devices. The access code to each subjects will be released soon via official college email and the details of how the course will be delivered will be made available inside each registered class.
    Stay Tuned, Staf Safe & Regards
    IIMS Academics

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