• IIMS टोल CUP 2022 | Tie-sheet Published Date: 11, December 2022

    Tie- sheet for  IIMS टोल CUP 2022.

  • 2022-05 Final Exam Schedule (Computing) Published Date: 5, August 2022

    Dear Students,

    Please be informed of the final exam schedule which is set to begin from 14th Aug 2022.












    Note: Students are strictly advised to follow the attached exam schedule and ignore any messages received over the IIS portal.

    Good Luck

    IMS Academics


    Dear Computing Students,

    Please be informed that those with grade score ‘C-‘ are kindly advised to register for the supplementary exam before 6th May 2022. Please be informed that students are required to pay supplementary exam fees before exam processing.

    Kindly obtain the exam form from the college reception, make necessary payment at accounts and submit it to the academic department for the verifications.

    Any late registration request beyond 6th May 2022 will still be processed until 8th May with additional late fee. No registration request will be entertained beyond 8th May 2022.

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice on Closure & Next Semester 2022-May Published Date: 28, April 2022

    Dear Computing students,
    The exam of the 2022-Jan session has ended. Students eligible for Supplementary exam i.e. with grade ‘C-‘  will soon receive an email for the supplementary exam registrations. Students are informed to check their IIS for the exam results after 2nd May 2022.
    Please be informed that your classes of May-2022 semester will begin from Tuesday, 17th May 2022. The class schedule will be shared in coming weeks.
    Students are informed to fill up the course registration form for the regular semester before 20th May 2022.
    See you soon.
    IIMS Academics
  • IIMS BIZHUB CALL FOR APPLICATION  Published Date: 26, April 2022

    Call For Application!!!

    IIMS Bizhub is an academic incubation space to cultivate distinct academic eco-systems created to address the needs of young entrepreneurs by helping them realize their concept and transform it into reality.

    This dedicated entrepreneurial space is a go-to place for our students across multiple programs to unite, collaborate and work with other fellow entrepreneur minds.

    The objective is to assist budding entrepreneurs in their start-up journey and beyond through training workshops, mentorship, shared working space, seed funding & investment opportunities to remain afloat.

    You can apply for IIMS Bizhub through the registration link given below:
    Registration Link:

    The last date to apply for IIMS Bizhub is 10th May 2022.

    For further information, contact:
    Lucky Shrestha – IIMS Bizhub Coordinator


  • Notice on Final Examination (2022-01) Published Date: 29, March 2022

    Dear Computing Students,

    The written final examination for IIMS Students is all set to begin from 17th April 2022. The final exam schedule has been sent to your college email. Alternatively, it can be obtained from the link here:

    Furthermore, please note that the exams will be physical and students are required to collect their exam card by clearing all dues by 10th April 2022 to be allowed to sit on the exams.

    Any further changes will be communicated via email.

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice on a guest Lecture Published Date: 15, March 2022

    Dear BCS student,

    Please be informed that there’s a scheduled guest lecture today (15th March 2022) for group-1 at 10:00 & group-2 at 11:00 am. The guest lecture will be delivered by Mr Raj Gurung on topic ‘Preparing for a Promising IT career’.

    IIMS Academics

  • Start of .NET Training Classes Published Date: 13, March 2022

    Dear all,

    Please be informed that the training classes of .Net Technology will begin from 13th March 2022 all weekdays from 7:30 – 9:00 am. The course syllabus has been emailed to all. Below is the tentative time and class allocations for the week beginning 13th March 2022.
    Weekdays Class Time Room
    Sunday 7:30 – 9:00 am S207
    Monday 7:30 – 9:00 am S207
    Tuesday 7:30 – 9:00 am F103
    Wednesday 7:30 – 9:00 am F104
    Thursday 7:30 – 9:00 am LAB C
    Friday 7:30 – 9:00 am F104
    All students are advised to bring their own laptop for the training sessions.
    IIMS Academics
  • BBA orientation 2022 Postponed Published Date: 16, February 2022

  • Orientation Program for BBA Cohort 2022 Published Date: 13, February 2022

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