• Notice on Final Online Exam (May-Aug 2020) Published Date: 3, August 2020

    Dear Students (BSc Computing),

    Please be reminded that the final exam which will be online assessment based will begin from 16th August 2020. The final assessments will be released via respective google classes and students are required to use their college email for submissions.

    Like in previous semesters, all submissions must be well formatted and must use the cover page clearly showing students University ID, Full Name, Course Code & Course Name.

    Exam_assessment details included here.

    IIMS Academics

  • Career in QA for Computing Students Published Date: 3, August 2020

    This is an important announcement to all BSc Computing students who’ve recently completed their Online training on Software Quality Assurance & Testing’.

    Your dedication and engagement during lockdown surely has proven fruitful. A vacancy for 4 has been created by your trainer esp. to all final semester students who completed the training and are interested to start their career in QA, immediately from September 2020.

    This is a great opportunity for our students and IIMS shares deepest gratitude and thanks to the trainer for paving pathways to students career.

    Interested students are urged to follow your classroom posts.


  • Start of May-Aug 2020 Session Published Date: 3, May 2020

    Dear Computing Students,
    Please be informed that all classes of May-Aug 2020 will begin from 6th May 2020.
    Unlike previous semester we’ll be running all classes online. Students are advised to remain internet equipped and download google classroom app, zoom and google meet for their devices. The access code to each subjects will be released soon via official college email and the details of how the course will be delivered will be made available inside each registered class.
    Stay Tuned, Staf Safe & Regards
    IIMS Academics
  • Commencement of online classes – BHM Published Date: 2, May 2020

    Dear BHM students,

    Keeping the current situation in mind, we hereby announce that we will be conducting regular online classes for your new semester starting from 4th of May, 2020. The detail timings and routine will be communicated to you soon.

    BHM Academics

  • Course Registration May-Aug 2020 Published Date: 28, April 2020

    Dear Computing Students,

    Kindly fill in the course registration form sent to you via email or via the link provided :

    Please take into consideration the following while submitting your course details.

    Regular Subject list means the subjects you’ll be studying this current May-Aug session unless you have a re-take courses
    Re-take Subject list means the subject failed previously and would like to complete this semester.


    1. Recent students who have appeared their first semester exam should only select the regular listed courses, once the result gets published and if the student has failed then the course selection/registration will be further amended about which the student will be notified.

    2. Recent students who have appeared their second semester exam should select the regular listed courses along with any failed subjects of their 1st semester in the available re-take subject list without exceeding the max 20 credit limit. Once the result of second semester gets published, if the student has failed then the course selection/registration will be further amended about which the student will be notified.

    3. Those in extended semester should only fill in any remaining subjects.

    4. For rest, except for the results of Jan-Apr 2020 session you already know your failed subjects so chose your regular and re-take subjects wisely without exceeding the max 20 credit limit.

    Not to worry if you’ve made any mistakes, as you’ll have opportunity to make changes later once again as the results of Jan-Apr 2020 gets published.

    In case of any confusion send an email to or connect via digital means (viber and whatsapp)

    Stay Safe

  • Release of Final Assessments Published Date: 10, April 2020

    Dear Computing Students,
    Please be reminded that the Final Assessment of all courses has been released and has been emailed to all registered students. Read the provided instructions and the guidelines before making any submission.
    For any queries you may have please kindly consult with your respective lecturer.
    Good Luck
  • BHM Final Exam Announcement Published Date: 7, April 2020

    Dear BHM students,

    Hope you are staying safe and preparing well for the finals.

    We are pleased to inform you that after taking into consideration of several aspect in terms of safety due to COVID-19, the management in accordance to UCSI University has taken the direction to convert all final exam into assignment based continuous assessment; which means you will have individual assignments for all the subjects.

    You will be receiving clear instruction along with the assignment/assessment questions in your batch’s specific closed WhatsApp/Viber group from the academics department on 10th and 12th April, 2020 respectively.
    It will be individual assignments, as such all kinds of copy/paste/plagiarism is strictly prohibited & monitored.
    The deadline for submission will be stated clearly in the assignment cover page and you will submit them to your respective faculties via email upon completion. Please ensure that you will not exceed the deadline otherwise you will be marked ZERO (0) for the exam.

    For any queries, feel free to reach the Academics team:
    Mr. Sachin Pradhan (9861195149)
    Ms. Rima Manandhar (9841803126)
    Mr. Sumit Rayamajhi (9841046828)
    Make your final assignments worth it and wish you all the best!

    BHM Academics

  • Final exam and assignments update – BHM Published Date: 6, April 2020

    Dear BHM students,

    Hope you all are staying safe at home.
    First, we are immesnely glad for your efforts and cooperation in this time by submitting all your assignments and taking online classes with your faculties. For those who have not submitted the assignments to the concerned faculties yet via email, please do it by tomorrow, i.e. April 7, 2020.

    Your final examination will be conducted strictly as per the University guidelines; what and how will be communicated to you by Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

    Once again, stay safe and let the preparation going.

    Academics, BHM

  • Exam Announcements (Computing) Published Date: 6, April 2020

    Dear Students,

    Please be informed that final examinations Jan-Apr 2020 is set to begin from 17th April 2020. Final exam schedule will be released soon. Considering the current COVID-19 pandemic, this time however, all written examinations will be conducted online instead and the assessments could take different forms for each course i.e. additional assignment case-study, open-book online exam, e-presentation etc.

    Students are also required to update their contact information via shared Google forms for exam record purpose.

    We urge all students to remain exam ready by continuing their study and ensuring optimum internet connectivity throughout the exam periods i.e from 17th April 2020 until 27th April 2020. The assessments will be released and circulated by our respective faculty as soon as they receive it via the course network (i,e,

    If you may have further concerns please communicate via email or via any digital means (9849526871, whatsapp/viber).

    IIMS Academics

  • Notice regarding Class Postponement Published Date: 19, March 2020

    Dear All Students,

    Concerning the potential effect of corona virus on students, families, faculties, and staffs members, management has decided to stop all lecture, tutorial and lab sessions starting tomorrow (Friday), 20th March 2020 until further notice. Since we’re also nearing the session end, students are further advised to contact respective faculty members to discuss on alternative ways to complete their on going internal components assessments including project presentation and demonstrations.

    So, as the situation evolves, we will keep everyone informed on any immediate decisions that the management takes via website, mobile apps and social media pages. For any further queries or personal concerns, you may please contact member of IIMS staffs via email and messages.

    If there were ever a time to be both great and good, this is surely it. Thus, we further advise you to take healthy and precautionary measures, remain updated on college and national announcements and help spread the message among our friends-colleagues.

    Stay Safe
    IIMS Academics

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