Bachelor In Business Administration (BBA)

  • Total Credit Hours


  • Duration

    4 Years, 8 Semester
    Full Time

  • Entry requirements

    Completion of +2 or equivalent

  • Accreditation

    MQA, TU and MOE (Ministry of Education, Nepal)

  • Equivalent

    TU’s BBA

About BBA

BBA: Bachelor (Hons) in Business Administration (BBA) is a form of management study at an undergraduate level which provides conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge in various aspects of the business. The degree is designed to provide knowledge in the functional aspects of a company, its operations, and networking. The program also incorporates specialization in fields area, like finance, economics, operations, marketing, basic accounting, etc. BBA program exposes the students to a variety of core subjects while also giving them good scope for focusing on one’s field of interest.

IIMS, a leading and professional College for BBA in Nepal. In academic collaboration with Lincoln University College (LUC), IIMS offers a 128 credit hours course in BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration). BBA in Nepal is a well recognized, and an esteemed course. BBA at IIMS is designed to groom leaders who will revolutionize the world with their ideas, visions, and innovations.

The Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) program in the Faculty of Business at LUC is designed to give students the academic and technical skills to become independent managers. LUC strives to provide each graduate student with broad knowledge in business, and in-depth knowledge in their field, making them more adjustable with their future workplace. This course covers all the requirements of a BBA degree in Nepal, as well as on an international scale.

Course Detail

  • Year 1

    Semester 1

    • Business English
    • I Principles of Management
    • Microeconomics
    • Introduction to Accounting
    • Fundamental of Computer Principles & Programming

    Semester 2

    • Human Resource Management
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Internet Fundamental & Applications
    • Macroeconomics
    • Business English II
  • Year 2

  • Year 3

  • Year 4

BBA at IIMS goes ‘Beyond Curriculum’.

Teaching Methodology:
Learning at IIMS is about preparing for life. We have a state-of-art synchronous learning methodology combining the best features of conventional classroom learning with world-class resource center and internship programs to prepare for jobs, thus providing the perfect balance between education and employment.,

Student’s Club:
The student’s club is aimed at encouraging togetherness by organizing various campaigns, activities, and events that help students in pursuing their career goals, while instilling strong values and principles in them.

Industry Interface:
An integral part of Management is the industry project. Students will get ample opportunities to work on industrial projects and in house training sessions which help them to get familiarized with the real world work.

Career Development Cell:
We strive to develop campus life by providing opportunity for personal growth and leadership development to all students. This is accomplished by giving freedom of expression, sociaL interaction and active participation for all students. Students input, opinion and action are all highly appreciated.

Understanding life skills:
We want our students to have a holistic approach which transform them into multifaceted professionals. The major soft skills, industry and real world requirements, moral and ethical values, and principles are kept at a great focus in the IIMS learning ecosystem.

Project Wok:
All students are required to undertake an applied project work in the final demester of the program, the practical knowledge enables students to apply theories, skills, and knowledge in an integrated manner. The project work involves intensive discussion/ guidance with the industry professional supplements by library and internet referencing.

Summer Training:
The theoretical knowledge of future managers in enhanced by real life corporate environment. This is brought into exposure during the training program. As per the university requirements, each student undergoes practical training of eight weeks duration after second semester in business/ industrial/ service industry. This enables the students to imbibe professional attitude, sense of responsibility, analytical ability, leadership skills etc.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for this course are normally:

  • Entry Requirements: 10+2 or equivalent in any discipline with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized board.
  • Admission Offer: Successful candidates will be informed for their final selection. Admission offer letter will be sent to them giving details about the registration procedure that has to be completed within two weeks of receiving the letter, failing which the offer will be withdrawn.


It’s a common myth that BBA is a very ‘generic; field, and the career growth and potential after completion of the course is very limited. However, this course can open up a door of great opportunities. Some of the most sought after fields in BBA are:
a) Entrepreneurship / Start- Ups
b) Finance and Accounts: Financial analyst, Management trainee. Accountant
c) Sales and Marketing: Management trainees, Business development executives, Marketing executives
d) Consulting Services: Consultant
e) Human Resource: Hiring Activities, Training and Placements Cells, Performance evaluation, Appraisals
f) Digital Marketing and Advertisements
f)Tourism Management


Fee & Finance


The full-time undergraduate tuition fee for 2023 entry will be around 880K. Tuition fees will cover the cost of your study at the University as well as charges for registration,

Important Information

Why BBA in Nepal is also a good option rather than abroad study?

After the completion of Plus Two/ A- levels/ Equivalent Course, almost all students are faced by the crucial question: What Next? In the pressure, rush, and trend, many students choose to pursue their Bachelor’s degree in Nepal. However, considering how the education degree has grown in Nepal, it is not necessary to go abroad. Especially for course like BBA, Nepal is a great option. Here’s why:

International Degree: An internationally accepted degree in BBA is available in Nepal.
State-Of-The-Art Facilities: The facilities, infrastructures, and all the required developmental assets have been built and are continuously in the process of improvement.
Cost Factors: Many students take loan in order to pursue Bachelors abroad. In Nepal, the costs are much lower, and with their savings, graduates can actually invest on their future, or a business after their degree.
International Exposure: With foreign exchange programs, International clubs, and internship opportunities, students get a great foreign exposure by staying in Nepal. And in this digital age, it is not necessary to reiterate how small the world has become.
Networking and Connection: In a program like BBA, networking and connections are a key. By studying in Nepal, you can build strong connections and get great national exposure, which will help you a lot when you want to grow career-wise in Nepal.
Family and Friends Support: When you study in Nepal, you get incredible support from friends and family, which is truly unmatched in any other place of the world.

How is BBA in Nepal functioning?

Nepal is truly radicalizing itself in terms of the education industry. If you’ve been on an active look out for a good BBA college in Nepal, you’d have noticed that the number of colleges are plenty, and each with unique merits of their own. It is no longer about textbook knowledge and a degree. The focus on overall personality development, and practical learning has raised. And in a thriving herd of best BBA colleges and programs in Nepal, the colleges have upped their standards and facilities drastically.

Can I apply for abroad study after BBA in Nepal?

Definitely! If the credit requirements are met , you can apply to any best college of the world in the university. Whether it is Stanford, Harvard, or MIT, all business colleges in the world recognize the BBA degree offered by IIMS.

Can I build my BBA career in Nepal after my Bachelor Degree?

BBA in Nepal is a rapidly growing industry. If not the best, it is definitely one of the best courses in terms of career growth and opportunities in Nepal. There are plenty of opportunities for a graduate of this field in Nepal.

What can I do after studying BBA in Nepal?

Here’s a list of things you can do after a BBA degree, right here in Nepal:
1. College placement: College placements are a great way to give your career a kick start with probably the least amount of hustle.
2. Pursue A Postgraduate Degree In Management: Study more, go after a field that you’s to love to know more about!
3. Get A Job: Refer to the future of BBA section above, and go for a job of your choice!
4. Become An Entrepreneur: Scott Belsky said, “It’s not about Ideas. It’s about making it happen!” So take that idea, and make it happen!
5. Work In The Government Sector: Government jobs are stable, secure, and also considerable a little less pressure. So why not?
6. Specialize In A Branch Of Your Choice: Explore more! And do what you love after.
7. Different sector: It’s all about the choices you make. BBA opens up a broad scope for all graduates. So be in the pursuit of whatever sets your soul on fire!

Are there any alternatives of BBA?

Some of the alternatives to BBA study are: BBA, BBM, BMS, or BBS.The major differences are:

1. B.B.A.( Bachelor’s in Business Administration): It deals with Administrative studies. It is basically designed to give students the basic knowledge of all the company functions.
2. B.B.M. (Bachelor’s in Business Management): The main focus is at the managerial level.Some specializations in BBM are Finance, Operations Management, Management Information Systems, etc.
3. B.M.S. (Bachelor’s in Management Studies): This course concentrates mainly on analytical and logical oriented studies. Specialisations can be done in Marketing, Finance, HRM, Management of Services, Management of global Business, Tourism Management etc.
4. B.B.S. (Bachelor’s in Business Studies): The business courses are integrated with a realistic and industry-based. Some specializations are in management, accounting, marketing and information systems.
BBA is most widely preferred in Nepal due to the wide range of business administration aspects that it covers.

Since When is IIMS offering the BBA program?

IIMS has been offering BBA programs successfully since its inception in 2010.

Do we have any Tie-ups with any organization which evaluates international credentials and accreditation?

Yes. We are accredited by Ministry of Education, Nepal for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and in addition for the Integrated BBA degree, recognized by Tribhuvan University. We grant an International BBA Degree in Nepal through our collaboration with Lincoln University College or the course.

Is the BBA program at IIMS costly?

IIMS has always focused on affordability. The fees are reasonably priced at ( Rs per semester).

Can I get Scholarship?

Lincoln scholarships and Financial Aids are offered in our programs.

Does IIMS offer any job/ internship placement for their BBA students / Graduates?

IIMS has a specially devoted placement and internship cell for the students. The students in IIMS have successfully gotten national and international internships and placements through campus itself!

Does IIMS's BBA program have Sufficient Credit Hours?

The BBA program at IIMS is of 128 credit hours which meets the minimum requirements (i.e 120 credit hours) by all universities across the globe.

Is the BBA program at IIMS fun?

Life at IIMS has always been everything but monotonous. With our mission to develop leaders, we promote Extracurricular activities, and encourage the participation of students through fields of their interest, clubs, and events. IIMS is all about learning with fun.

What is ELE at IIMS?

IIMS offers a course called ELE at IIMS, which is solely dedicated to Extra-Curricular activities. Students get reward points for participating in/conducting various events, which adds up to their course. How fun, right? The students at IIMS also have a self-run facebook page where they update the various events in campus. You can check it out here:

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