IIMS Convocation Ceremony 2023 – The Graduation Day

You’re all dressed up ready to put on your graduation gown and cap. It’s Graduation day, the day that denotes the end of your college life and the beginning of new chapters in your life. The graduation ceremony holds a special memory as it celebrates the hard work and accomplishments of the students. It further marks the culmination of achievements, reflections, and celebrations for the precious years of college.

The Graduation Day Setup

The Graduation Day, the IIMS Convocation Ceremony 2023 was held on December 9th, 2023 for about 243 Bsc. (Hons) Computing and BHM students at the Kathmandu Mariott Hotel. The venue was adorned with graduation vibes. The registration area, the gown and cap distribution area, the hi-tea area, the stage, and the hall were all set up, now waiting for the entry of graduates. The graduates along with their guardians arrived from 8: 00 am onwards and registered for the ceremony. They then walked through the dazzling alley and reached the gown and distribution area. Finally, everyone put on their graduation gown and cap proudly and headed for the hi-tea. The atmosphere turned even more celebratory when the Lakhe and the Jhakri dance began.

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The Main Ceremony Begins              

Ms. Manisha Tamang and Ms. Shreya Khadka, the emcees for the day led the Graduation Ceremony. Meanwhile, the guardians entered the main hall and waited for the grand entrance of the graduates. The academic procession began as the university delegates and the college representatives marched forward. It was then followed by the graduating students who made their proud graduation walk. The ceremony officially began as the Chief Guest, University Dignitaries, and College Representatives lit the Panas together. Along with it, the Mangal Dhun played in the background while the guests chaired the ceremony. Consequently, the National Anthem played and everyone stood up with respect and pride.

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Welcoming Speech and Convocation Remarks

Mr. Rabin Thapa, our Program Director of Computing, delivered a heartfelt welcome speech, setting the tone for the event. Following that, Pro Vice-Chancellor Mdm. Mukvinder Sandhu shared inspiring Convocation Remarks, imparting encouragement to the graduating students.


Proud Moments: Acknowledgments, Achievements and Appreciations

The moment when students walk up to the stage and proudly accept their degrees arrived. The computing and hospitality students officially received their convocation certificates from the honorable Pro Vice-Chancellor Mdm. Mukvinder Sandhu. The spotlight then shifted to the Student Remarks segment. Sajan G.C. from the Computing faculty and Lucky Neupane, from the Hospitality faculty took center stage to share their reflections on their academic journey.

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Likewise, a significant moment unfolded as Mr. Sabindra Maharjan, CEO of IIMS College presented a Memento to the University Delegates. Additionally, the ceremony acknowledged the staff of the college by granting Appreciation Certificates.


Culmination and Celebration

Mr. Sachin Pradhan, our Program Director of Hospitality, stepped up to the podium for the final address. He congratulated the graduates on their remarkable achievements and provided a reflective summary of the day’s significance.

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Furthermore, the day’s festivities continued into the afternoon with a collective photo shoot, capturing the joyous moments of the graduates. The group cap throwing was another memorable highlight of the day. Lastly, the convocation proceedings concluded with a delightful lunch, fostering an atmosphere of celebration among graduates, faculty, staff, and esteemed guests.

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The IIMS Convocation Ceremony 2023 wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of accomplishments and a future filled with possibilities. Moreover, the ceremony marked a day of creating lasting memories and a collection of shared achievements. We are proud of each one of you for making it this far and this is just the beginning. Congratulations, our dear Graduates, you made it!

Glimpse of the Graduation Day

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