IIMS College Promotes Mental Health by Hosting Speed Counselling

IIMS College celebrates International Happiness Day through Speed Counselling on 20th March 2023, and promotes mental well-being.

IIMS Wellbeing Unit in collaboration with Happy Minds hosts an event “Speed Counselling” on the occasion of International Happiness Day and brings on a safe space to share and talk about anything one is willing to. The aim of the event was to promote mental health and offer support to people who might be dealing with stress or other difficulties.

Speed Counselling involved short one-on-one sessions with each counselor. It gave participants an opportunity to talk about their issues and receive guidance on how to effectively manage their emotions and thoughts. Four psychological counselors namely Mr. Aditya Dangol, Ms. Arpita Subba, Ns. Dristy Moktan and Mr. Tashi Gurung, provided short counselling sessions to a total of 50 students, 4 faculties, and 11 staff members.

Counselors all set for Speed Counselling

Individuals registered their names, waited for their turns, joined the session, and filled out a feedback sheet. The whole flow of the event went like this. The event took place at the college’s open green space indicating that mental wellbeing is for all. The counselors offered a secure and non-judgmental spaces for people to express their concerns. Their expertise encouraged participants in gaining perspective and clarity on their challenges. The opportunity for individuals to interact with experts and receive personalized guidance made the event a huge success.

Share, Express, Heal

Overall, Speed Counseling emphasized mental well-being and happiness and symbolized the idea of International Happiness Day. It was a much-needed initiative that promoted mental health as well as fostering a sense of community and support among people.

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