IIMS BIZHUB Orientation Session: A Kick-off to the Entrepreneurial Journey

IIMS Group, in collaboration with SkillLab, organized the IIMS Bizhub Orientation Session on Monday, July 18, 2022, at Hotel Royal Singi, Kamaladi from 10:00 am onwards. The orientation session was held to formally introduce the selected participants to the months-long dedicated incubation program, i.e., IIMS Bizhub, and prepare them for the next stage i.e. 6 Modules of Bootcamp.

IIMS Bizhub is an academic incubation space to assist budding entrepreneurs in their start-up journey and guide them to transform their business ideas into reality. There were a total of 37 selected participants present for the IIMS Bizhub orientation session. This session can be divided into two halves which are elaborated on below. 

The first half of the session covered the overview of what the 6 modules of Bootcamp look like. After completing registration and breakfast, the participants entered the hall with the Bizhub file book that contained the contract, objectives, and a notebook. The session was then formally inaugurated by playing the national anthem. The CEO of the IIMS group, Mr. Sabindra Maharjan, welcomed the facilitator, Mr. Shirijung Hang Rai, Innovation and Strategy Manager, from Skill Lab with Khada. Subsequently, the facilitator took over the session with a grand shoutout, IIMS BIZHUB, together with the participants. Likewise, the participants also signed the contract of the incubation program, IIMS Bizhub. 

The facilitator thoroughly presented each module and students reflected on each with examples. As the facilitator touched on various topics, a group activity took place highlighting the third module of the Bootcamp, i.e., product development. The participants were divided into random groups and they had to curate a dress from newspapers. While the participants brainstormed and designed their dresses, this turned out to be a fun space as any one participant from each group had to put on the clothing piece that their respective groups prepared. They performed a runway fashion show as well and introduced their products to everyone. Bidding took place, and a short pitching session was also held.

The second half of the session was about the entrepreneurial journey of the distinguished entrepreneurs for the day. There were three entrepreneurs, Ms. Shailaja Kasaju, CEO of Tekka, Ms. Anjana Malla, Co-Founder of Deego Nepal and Mr. Bijendra Shah, Co-Founder of Daaqi. All three entrepreneurs shared their entrepreneurial stories and the journey of how they built their enterprises. It was a motivating session as the participants learned about the various things an entrepreneur can face. Following this session, the CEO awarded a token of love to all the distinguished entrepreneurs.

The speech from the CEO of the IIMS Group regarding his entrepreneurial journey would be one of the highlights of the session. He spoke about the journey and the growth of IIMS from 2010 up until the inception of the incubation program, IIMS Bizhub. Furthermore, he announced that IIMS Bizhub would be established as a club. Eventually, the executive member board selection also took place.

The orientation session was conducted successfully with the active engagement of the participants. The session enlightened the selected participants about the entrepreneurial journey, which will take place throughout the IIMS Bizhub program and beyond. Likewise, with the initiation of IIMS Bizhub as a club and the steps ahead of this session, it will definitely be an opportunity for the participants to tap their potential to a greater extent.

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