Experience in Commercial Cookery practical on Chinese Cuisine at IIMS

So about the Chinese cuisine, I was really excited that it was a part of the Commercial Cookery Class as it is my personal favorite cuisine. And on top of that, we were also learning the Chinese language which was more thrilling. We prepared a 4-course meal: Corn cream, Egg Manchow Soup, Schezwan chicken fried rice, and Honey noodle. From this practical, I was able to learn more and in details about Chinese cuisine and the learning environment was also very fun because everyone was very focused to prepare the food items and the Chef Mr. Ram Kumar Thapa also created a very fun learning environment where we were not only taught about the given recipe but added some more extra information and other recipes for us. And as it was new for everyone, all the students were focused and elevated so it was a very interesting and exciting experience.

– Anjuli Patangwa

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