What it’s like to be an MBA Graduate in Nepal?

MBA in Nepal

Graduating with an MBA degree in Nepal is one of the greatest achievements in someone’s life–but the sense of accomplishment and excitement is just a part of the bigger road ahead. Knowing that you are certified with a world-renowned degree plus the required skills and knowledge to become the next big leader of this world will inspire you to have bigger dreams and intentions.

In a developing country like Nepal, the possibilities are just endless, let’s catch a glimpse of what it’s like to become an MBA Graduate in Nepal.

So, What is an MBA?

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognized degree with an intention of creating professionals in the field of business and management and providing them with skillsets to lead ventures and drive businesses to the full potential. The purpose of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA holds advantages to various sectors of the finance sector, government offices, and private companies in Nepal. The courses in MBA are structured with a core teaching in accounting, economics, marketing, and operations, as well as consist of various elective courses that allow students to choose a career best suited to their interests and strengths. Although most MBAs’ are a 2-year post-graduate course, some colleges are gaining popularity by providing one-year programs but that case is rare to non-existent in Nepal. 

Most business schools require the candidates to complete an internship at a company and participate in different field trips and research, such that they are well equipped with the practical knowledge required in the official field and complete a thesis on a relative subject as a part of their own research and understanding on the subject, making them an expert in that particular field. All in all, an MBA is a 2-year degree that provides both fundamental to professional practice to make the next big leaders of the world.

Scenario: MBA in Nepal

The MBA degree is one of the most sought out business degrees by Nepali students both nationally and internationally as it provides solid abilities and knowledge to land a safe career. Another reason why the MBA is popular is that it’s not only limited to the graduates from the business field but the graduates of engineering, medical and other various undergraduate courses can pursue this path, which adds an internationally notable certificate and skillset in their resume. With such a high market for MBA courses, the Ministry of Education of Nepal has deemed fit to provide this degree through various universities like Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, and Purbanchal University. In recent years, Nepal has seen a growth in MBA degrees from international universities from India, Thailand, Malaysia, the USA, and the UK. 

With the ever-growing economy of Nepal, the job market has a vast requirement for skilled professionals especially people with a postgraduate degree. In this context, Nepal has also seen improvements in how they teach their courses to students, with new job posts opening every day, the old textbook method has seen a decline whereas business schools mostly focus on practicality and experiences for their students. With a growing number of business schools tied up with foreign establishments, the quality of education is now rich and well-defined. MBA in Nepal is classified into two categories – General MBA & Executive MBA (EMBA). With the focus on how the courses are delivered, the number of credits in the course, it can be distinguished into a more flexible degree. Some of the famous work sectors in Nepal for MBA Graduates are:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Economic & Finance
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Risk Assessment/Management
  • Information Technology
  • Education

More courses can be offered by business schools, but these are some of the most famous ones and have shown greater importance for the job market in Nepal. In many cases, you are not required to specialize in a certain area, and can still receive a General MBA.

Scope for MBA in Nepal

With a constantly growing economy of Nepal, MBA graduates are always of need in the job market as such professionals are highly valued by rapidly growing companies to manage and lead projects in a structured way into the market. While that is said, graduates are required to analyze and list out the options best suited for their future career interests. Business planning, consulting, client relations, resources or system analysis are some of the major responsibilities that you need to do in your career. On a more detailed level, the job opportunities available for MBA graduates in Nepal are

  • Banking & Finance: The most popular and high demanded job opportunity is Nepal is definitely the Banking & Finance sector where your responsibilities will include portfolio management and security & investment analysis. Banks, insurance companies, security firms, and various financial organizations are a great choice for MBA graduates looking for a job in this sector.
  • Investment Banking: With a growing number of projects in Nepal, investment banks or related companies seek out professionals to connect the project requirements with the investors and manage projects to build high profits with low risks. 
  • Investment Banking: With a growing number of projects in Nepal, investment banks or related companies seek out professionals to connect the project requirements with the investors and manage projects to build high profits with low risks. 
  • Entrepreneurship: With access to a lot of free resources on the Internet, most millennials are highly motivated by starting their own businesses to create a solution. Seeing the numbers rising in small business and startup, most people usually get an MBA degree to learn the valuable skills required for such a demanding task as building their own company from the ground up.
  • Information Technology: With tech companies being the most profitable and rapidly growing sector in Nepal, it is no doubt that structuring such companies can be a gruesome task, with relevant education in IT, MBA graduates can land a high-level job at such companies to solve risk management issues and helping tech-individuals work together with the managerial departments.
  • Healthcare Informatics: With medicine being an important and ever-growing field in the whole world, proper management of people and numbers in such places such that the operations go well, MBA graduates are hired. With experience in healthcare infrastructure, graduates get to work with doctors and medical advisors to create plans for better healthcare in the country.
  • Education: Truly one of the greatest scopes of an MBA is the capacity to teach students and excel them to further grow into society. It’s quite popular for most MBA grads to get into education because of the ease and payroll in this particular area. Most people see this as a great opportunity to become a well-recognized professor and earn a reputation.
  • Risk Assessment/Management: One of the most underrated fields of any MBA graduate is risk management. Graduates skilled in problem-solving and a keen eye for proper operations can achieve great success in this area. All business or startups in this world face a certain risk of failure and there are lots of elements that play to make a business risky and as an MBA graduate, your job will require you to minimize such risks and take actions properly or through a set of guidelines such that it does not massively affect the company.
  • Business Management: All business in this world requires skills, but most importantly, there needs to be the one who can properly combine those skills and create a meaningful product, that is where MBA graduates come to play. With strong knowledge in management, they can manage daily operations and create a structure within the organization to automate or at least regulate the day to day activities of each individual.

Being said, there are a lot of option for MBA graduates in Nepal, simply speaking, every business requires a manager to help them plan their way to success, every specialist with an MBA degree can land a high-level role in most companies, like a graduate specialized in business management can be hired as a Business Development Officer and a marketer can be hired a Marketing Manager, every course in MBA has its own vital skill points and the choice you need to make is what makes you the most comfortable because every option has a bright future ahead.

Choosing the right college for MBA in Nepal

While an MBA degree can prove to be a great tool to have in your academic arsenal, choosing the right college is half the battle in itself, most college environment and culture in Nepal can make or break your years of hard work and patience, so it is suggested that you choose a college that will perfectly groom you to become a visionary leader. 

At IIMS, the MBA course is designed to create the next big leader who will revolutionize the world with their ideas, visions, and innovations. With a strong focus on both technical and practical knowledge, led by enthusiasts & educationists since 2010, IIMS provides the best quality education to Nepali students. In academic collaboration with Lincoln University College (LUC), IIMS offers a 70 credit hours course in MBA to fully provide students and working professionals by exposing them to real-life unstructured situations along with analytic tools and business culture. Helping participants with visionary ideas and fundamentals to become a leader, IIMS pursues the goal of creating leaders and aspiring motivators. MBA at IIMS aims to deliver knowledge and skills through a combination of lectures, tutorials, field visits and most important case studies which will be drawn from the sectors under study. Students will also get to experience various guest lectures and be exposed to the managerial and business culture so that they can experience the real world first hand. It is mandatory for students to undertake course work in the first year. In the second year, students will have to undertake an applied industry-based project also known as an internship project along with a research-based Graduate Research Project. 

IIMS teaches the student with real-life scenarios and modern teaching methods and principles such that they are aware of the consequences of their choices and can lead the team to success in the real world. With different club activities and team formations, IIMS surely takes MBA courses to the next level than any other colleges because of its flexibility and adapt nature to modern studies. IIMS recognizes the growing world of economy and new solutions need to be created every day for the number of problems there are in this real world. So taking all those into consideration, IIMS teaches the students with well-equipped research-based case studies and involves students in business management and solving.

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