IIMS Holi Blast v8.0 – A Colorful Celebration

IIMS Holi Blast v8.0 – A Colorful Celebration

IIMS Holi Blast v8.0 – A Colorful Celebration

It’s that time of year when everything feels vibrant and colorful. The entire college awaits to be immersed in a colorful celebration and bright memories. It’s the Holi season!

An Unforgettable Holi Celebration

On 22nd March 2024, IIMS College transformed into a colorful wonderland as it embraced the Holi season by conducting IIMS Holi Blast v8.0. It was a day filled with colorful explosions, dazzling performances, joyful music, and lively memories. It was a pure celebration of colors uniting everyone at IIMS College.

Imagine everyone in their white Holi T-shirts, then everyone throwing colors at each other – that’s how it all started! IIMS Holi Blast v8.0 was no different. When everyone registered their names and entered the ground, their spotless white IIMS Holi T-shirts were showered in a rainbow of colored powders. It was a super fun way to kick off Holi.

Energetic Performances

The energetic hosts kept this colorful show going as they announced a series of energetic dance and music performances. These served as a treat to all that had everyone grooving in their places. Everyone danced like crazy – the music was too good to just stand still! 

Fun Activities

The fun didn’t stop there! In between the mesmerizing performances, there were a series of hilarious activities. Fun games such as the water cup balance, partner squat challenges, and duo balloon balance kept everyone entertained. The cheers and laughter echoed through the venue. At the end, the winners received gifts from the organizers adding a cherry on top.

The most-awaited Guest Artist Performance

The much-anticipated highlight of the day arrived when the renowned artist Deepak Bajracharya and The Rhythm Band took center stage. The performance sent shivers down spines and had the crowd jumping and singing along. Adding to the awe-inspiring spectacle was a jaw-dropping fire stunt performed by a Jhakri, leaving the audience speechless. The vibrant Lakhey performance further ignited the celebratory spirit, getting everyone pumped up. 

Another Captivating Act

As the day progressed, another energetic act by Aakar Joshi and The EchoTrails captivated the audience. The entire crowd came together as one during their performance of “Jindagi Sarara”. Everyone formed a human train symbolizing the true spirit of Holi – unity and joy!

More than an Event, a Vibrant Experience

IIMS Holi Blast v8.0 wasn’t just an event; it was an experience that left everyone with unforgettable memories. It was a celebration to remember. The colors might fade from the IIMS Holi T-shirts, but the laughter, the music, and the joyous spirit of Holi will forever linger around. Celebrating Holi together with the entire IIMS family as one was truly a blast. We can’t wait to experience what the next year brings! Until then, let’s carry the spirit of Holi – the joy, the unity, the colorful chaos – with us throughout the year!

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