STEP 2.0 – Hotel Takeover: Hospitality Management Students of IIMS College Take Over Aranya Boutique Hotel

STEP 2.0 – Hotel Takeover: Hospitality Management Students of IIMS College Take Over Aranya Boutique Hotel

STEP 2.0 – Hotel Takeover: Hospitality Management Students of IIMS College Take Over Aranya Boutique Hotel

What it’s like to work in a hotel? As hospitality management students, we’re constantly learning – from classroom lectures, industry visits to practical activities and events. Something beyond this that took our learning experience to another level was the STEP 2.0 Hotel Takeover Program. This innovative program transformed us from only students to active hoteliers, responsible for every aspect of the Aranya Boutique Hotel’s operation.”

STEP 2.0: Hotel Takeover – A Real-world Hospitality Experience

IIMS College, a leading BIHM College in Nepal in collaboration with Taylor’s University and Aranya Boutique Hotel brought STEP 2.0: Hotel Takeover Program from May 5th – 10th, 2024. This hotel takeover program is designed to provide BIHM students with invaluable real-world hospitality experience. It offered students a unique opportunity to apply their course knowledge in a practical setting. The BIHM students took control of various operational roles within a functioning hotel for an entire week, gaining firsthand experience in guest service, housekeeping, food and beverage service, and hotel administration.

This year’s STEP 2.0: Hotel Takeover at Aranya Boutique Hotel proved to be a resounding success. From angry guests to missing cushions, the program pushed BIHM students to tackle real-world scenarios and face the challenges of running a hotel. It also helped them determine what career in hospitality would be the right fit for their interests and aspirations.

STEP 2.0: Hotel Takeover – A Step-by-Step Procedure

STEP 2.0: Hotel Takeover isn’t just a one-week event. It’s a semester-long journey that prepares students with the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the takeover.

The program began with application and interview processes by the representatives from Aranya Boutique Hotel. This mirrored the real job search experience in the hospitality industry. 

Once selected, students were allocated to different departments such as the Executive Office, HR, Banquet, Front Office, F&B, Sales & Marketing, Housekeeping, Kitchen, and Cafe and assigned different job roles respectively.

Moving on, students participated in the orientation session and received on-the-job training from Aranya Boutique Hotel staff.

Throughout the hotel takeover, our BIHM students demonstrated exceptional professionalism, adaptability, and teamwork. With minimal supervision, students were entrusted with handling real-life situations alongside actual customers. They effectively managed all aspects of hotel operations, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests. Ultimately, the STEP 2.0 program prepared our BIHM students to become industry-ready and equipped them with the skills and experience to excel in this competitive hospitality landscape.

Get a sneak peek of the previous Hotel Takeover by our hospitality management students below:

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