60 Seconds to Fame

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July 4, 2021 - July 25, 2021 All day
60 Seconds to Fame is an event where participants are required to submit their videos performing some activities. The whole idea of the event is to provide students with a platform to showcase their talent.
It could be a video of singing, dancing, football juggling, basketball dribbling, mimicry, poetry, public speaking, or any other relevant video that showcases their talent. Whatever the videos, it needs to be exactly 60 seconds in length to be eligible for participation.
Other Details about the Event/ Competition Include:
Who can participate in the event?
➢ All students as well as graduates of IIMS Education Foundation (IIMS, ACHS, LIC)
can participate in the competition.
What kind of videos would be appropriate to participate in the event?
➢ Any videos that would portray participants' unique talent can be submitted for the
competition. You can make videos of yourself singing a song, dancing, rapping,
beat-boxing, playing any musical instrument, mimicking, or any other showcasing
your talent. The only thing that you need to comply with is that the video has to be exactly
60 seconds and it has to be continuous with no editing in-between the 60 seconds.
➢ Also, the participants need to bear in mind that the videos are to be uploaded to the college’s social media handles, so the content should be a relevant one, which can
be published. Videos that are offensive and that might hamper the integrity shall
not be considered eligible to participate in the competition.
How to participate in the event?
➢ In order to participate, you need to send your compiled video by filling up a form providing all the necessary details. The form’s link is as follows:
Do I just submit the video or is there anything else that is to be done?
➢ Along with the video, the participants are also required to send a brief description of the video they have prepared. The description should not exceed more than
300 words and it is to be provided while filling up the form.
➢ The description could have your basic details like name, program, batch, what the
video is about and other relevant information.
➢ Furthermore, the participants are also required to add Intro and Outro to their
Do I have to create the Intro of the video?
➢ Participants are not required to prepare the Intro section. The Intro part for the
video will be provided by the organizers (college). The participants need to add the
Intro section in the video they prepare before submitting.
What about the Outro of the video?
➢ The Outro of the video is to be prepared by the participants themselves. Outro could
be credit roll, acknowledging and thanking everyone who helped in the video
preparation, or any other relevant details.
Can I seek help to prepare the video?
➢ Yes.
➢ As the idea is to provide a platform for the participants to showcase their talent
and not to judge the participants based upon their video recording and editing skills,
participants can seek help for video recording and editing (incorporating Intro)
Where will the competition be held?
➢ The platform for the competition is TikTok. However, the videos can also be
published on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others for
the promotion of the event. Though, the winner of the competition will be decided based
upon the user interaction in TikTok platform.
How will the winner be decided?
➢ The winner of the competition will be decided based upon the user interaction in
TikTok platform. Each video will be getting 1 point for each View, 2 points for each
Like and 5 points for each Share. The participant with the maximum point will be
decided the winner.
What will the winner get?
➢ The winner(s) will be getting attractive gift hampers, which will be revealed
through the social media handles in due course of time.
When is the deadline for video submission?
➢ All videos are to be submitted by the 10th of July, 2021 (Saturday).
When will the videos be posted?
➢ The videos will be uploaded on the 13th of July, 2021 (Tuesday).
How many days will there be for voting?
➢ Voting/ User Interaction till the 22nd of July, 2021 (Thursday) [12:00 Noon] will
be accepted.
Are there chances that the video that I submit gets disqualified from participation in
the event?
➢ The videos might be disqualified in the following cases:
o The video is less than or greater than 60 seconds
o There is no Intro (provided by the organizer) in the video that is submitted
for participation
o The video (60 seconds) is not taken in one shot and is edited in-between the
60 seconds
o The description of the video is not provided
o The video has sexist, smoking, drinking, drug abuse, sexual, harassing,
social disbalance causing or any other irrelevant content
*The video submitted will be the property of the college and the college has the full
authority to publish the video in its channel (IIMS Creations) and other social media
*Also, the college bears the full authority to decide what to publish and what not to. Any
inappropriate and irrelevant content shall not be allowed to participate in the event and
be published in its social media handles (without prior notice to the participants)

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