• Application for Academic Scholarship Published Date: 20, September 2019

    Dear Students,

    This is to inform all Computing students that we’re now accepting the academic scholarship application for Jan-2020 session based on the results of May-Aug 2019 exam results.

    Hence deserving students are encouraged to submit a copy of the marks ledger/score along with the application stating their claim before Monday, 23rd Sept 2019. Any appeal beyond stated dates will not be entertained.

    IIMS Academics

  • Supplementary Exam Registration Published Date: 19, September 2019

    Dear BSc Computing Students,

    All students in supplementary band must register for Supplementary Exam by end of this week i.e. Fri, 13th Sept 2019. Please check your results on IIS before filling up the form.

    Also please note that students are required to pay Rs. 50 RM (i.e. ~ Rs 1400) for each courses. Due to strict deadlines we wont be able to process your supplementary exam form after 13th Sept.

    IIMS academics

  • BHM course registration and University fee Published Date: 4, September 2019

    Dear BHM students,

    Kindly get the course registration form from the front desk and submit it to finance department along with University fee by 15th of September, 2019.


  • Welcome & Induction Sep-Dec 2019 Published Date: 30, August 2019

    Welcoming new BSc Computing students to the IIMS College

    We Welcome our 2019 Sep-Dec Batch Students.

    Induction Class is scheduled on Sunday, 1st Sept 2019 and will start from 9:00 am onward.

    See you there !!
    IIMS Academics

  • Class timings for new semester Published Date: 30, August 2019

    Dear BHM students,

    Kindly be informed that your regular classes will start from Sunday, 1st September.

    The class timings are as below:
    3rd semester: 10:30 am onwards
    6th semester: 10 am onwards
    Remaining semesters: 9:30 am onwards.
    “See you all well groomed!”


  • Start of Sept-Dec 2019 Session Published Date: 30, August 2019

    Dear Computing Students,

    Please be informed that the classes for Sept-Dec 2019 session for all semester is scheduled to start from Tuesday, 3rd Sept 2019. Please find attached the course schedule below.
    Time Table

    IIMS Academics

  • Black book submission – BHM 8th semester Published Date: 27, August 2019

    Dear BHM 8th semester students,

    Kindly consult with your respective supervisors  for any final edits and ensure to submit the black book of your thesis (2 copies) to academics by 12:00 pm Sunday, 1st September.

    Best Wishes,

  • Computing Capstone Course 2 Published Date: 23, August 2019

    With a view to prepare and update IIMS students on current methods and practice in this ever evolving industry, a capstone course ‘Web Development – beyond basics’  has been introduced and is offered to all interested students of BSc computing 2nd and 3rd semester alongside their academic courses, other interested computing students from other semesters may also participate as long as the allowed seat limit do not exceed. Please note that the cost of training will be shared equally among the participating students.

    Classes will start from Monday, 26th Aug 2019This course will provide a thorough overview of modern web design. From learning about how the web works, through to writing and editing your own code, this course provides an in-depth introduction to the topic. Students will be spending time working on their own projects under trainer’s guidance.

    This 12 week course is ideal for anyone wishing to get a complete view of how to design and put together a website. Perfect for anyone with an interest in building their own site, or modifying and updating a company website

    Students may register in the course by submitting their interest via previously shared google form or contact Mr. Sakar Maharjan or Mr. rabin Thapa in person.


    IIMS Academics

  • Computing Capstone Course 1 Published Date: 23, August 2019

    Dear Students,

    With a view to prepare and update IIMS students on current methods and practice in this ever evolving industry, a capstone course ‘Web design – Beyond Basics’ has been introduced. This course is offered only to students of BSc computing 1st semester (2019-Sept intake) alongside their other academic courses.

    In this course the student will build on the web design skills. Student will go into the code in depth, and gain the skills and techniques needed to design and develop web pages from scratch. Student will learn to use tools to streamline the development process, and master cutting-edge responsive page layout techniques.


    IIMS Academics

  • Guest lecture for BHM freshers Published Date: 21, August 2019

    Dear BHM freshers,

    Kindly be informed that Ms. Sunita Gurung, Front Office Manager, Dwarika hotel Kathmandu & Dhulikhel will be coming tomorrow for guest lecture at 10:30 am.


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