Success Steps for Aspiring Hoteliers: Key Takeaways for BIHM Students

Success Steps for Aspiring Hoteliers: Key Takeaways for BIHM Students

Success Steps for Aspiring Hoteliers: Key Takeaways for BIHM Students

The hospitality industry is booming! With new hotels, restaurants, and tourism businesses popping up everywhere, it’s no wonder many people are looking to start a career in hospitality. Among the diverse sectors, the hotel industry is rapidly growing and has become an attractive career choice. In Nepal, the hotel market is expected to be worth a whopping $171 million by 2024, creating tons of opportunities. But with a growing industry comes more competition. So, how can you stand out and become a successful hotelier?

On 5th May 2024, IIMS College held an exclusive guest lecture on “Success Steps for Aspiring Hoteliers”. The speaker, Ms. Aseema Fernandes, HR Manager at the prestigious Bahi Aajma Palace Hotel, shared her wealth of knowledge and experience. She inspired and guided aspiring hoteliers on their path to success.

If you’re an aspiring hotelier or someone who’s looking to build a career in the hotel industry, here are some key takeaways from her talk that will guide you throughout your journey.:

Be Passionate

The first step to a fulfilling career in hospitality is genuine passion. As hospitality students picturing a hotelier career, it is necessary to make professional choices following your deepest interests in the field. Does being a hotelier excite you? Is it something you really want to pursue? These are some questions you should ask yourself.

Seek Continuous Learning and Growth

To remain competitive and relevant in the rapidly changing hospitality industry, diversifying one’s skill set and committing to life-long learning is important. Hence, as BIHM students, you should be proactively pursuing professional development initiatives, training courses, and educational opportunities. By engaging in self-development activities, and gaining practical experience through volunteering, internships, and jobs, one can certainly enjoy the advantage of job advancement possibilities. 

Embrace Challenges as Opportunities

As BIHM students, don’t see problems as setbacks, view them as opportunities to learn and grow. Approach challenges with resilience and a positive attitude, learn from them, and use them to become stronger and more capable. This way, you can become more efficient in achieving your goals in the hospitality industry.

Build Your Network

The hospitality industry is all about relationships. Thus, building a strong network of contacts is crucial for career advancement. Get to know industry leaders, find mentors who can offer guidance, and connect with your peers to build a strong support system.

Commit to Excellence

In the hotel industry, it is necessary to provide exceptional guest experiences, maintain high standards of service, and strive for operational excellence in all endeavors. Prioritizing excellence is what sets successful hoteliers apart.

Overall, it is essential to have that competitive advantage to succeed as a hotelier. Aspiring hoteliers can draw inspiration and direction from Aseema Fernandes’ guest lecture. Her priceless insights gave the BIHM students a road map for success in the exciting and fulfilling world of hospitality.

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