And yet we are here another year, rising through all the difficulties and problems, where we celebrate this tremendous event of IIMS Lockdown Carnival among all the IIMSians of IIMS Group and share it with the world.

IIMS Lockdown Carnival
IIMS Lockdown Carnival

Since the 29th of April, 2021, all academic activities involving face-to-face interaction have been halted due to the lockdown. Several interactive activities, as well as classes, are being held virtually during this lockdown as well. However, as time goes on, the students are becoming progressively tired of the current situation.

Keeping students’ mental health in mind, the college has organized “IIMS Lockdown Carnival Season 2”, which not only emphasizes entertainment but also the knowledge and wisdom aspect for our beloved students. The event would be premiered via YouTube as well as college’s other social media handles like Facebook and Instagram will also be used for the event.

The major objective behind conducting this virtual event is to ensure students are engaged with something productive along with their virtual classes during the lockdown period. Student engagement during this period will ensure that they are in a proper mindset.

In addition, the IIMS Lockdown Carnival Season 2 will also provide ample opportunity for students to reveal and polish their skills as well as showcase their talent, which to some extent, has been halt due to the pandemic.

All events and activities for the past few months have been a pause, to comply with the government policies as well as to ensure everyone’s safety. However, to compensate for that, we bring you the “IIMS Lockdown Carnival Season 2” with different competitions, projects, contests, performances, and several other students’ activities. All the activities would be premiered via IIMS Creations.

Here, we enlist the titles of activities that would be conducted during IIMS Lockdown Carnival Season 2:
Digital Photography: 1st to 25th July 2021
Haasau Dukkha Naasau: 3rd July to 25th July 2021
Green City Model: 4th to 25th July 2021
60 Seconds to Fame: 4th July to 25th July 2021
Trendy Talks: 4th July to 25th July 2021
Diverse Diaries: 11th to 25th July 2021

Content submission deadlines of the above event categories are as follows:
60 Seconds to Frame: 10th July 2021
IIMS Mobile Photography Contest: 12th July 2021
Trendy talks: 12th July 2021
DIverse Diaries: 16th July 2021

All the information and the code of conduct will be published soon one by one as the carnival begins. Stay connected with us through IIMS Creations and other social media platforms as well. Also, the winners of these several activities and competitions will be rewarded by the end of the carnival. We would like to wish all the students the very best of luck for the carnival and encourage them to prepare from today onwards.

IIMS Lockdown Carnival Seasons2

PS: All preventive measures from social distancing to sanitization have been followed as per government instruction.

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/604062693859704/

To stay updated with the event do subscribe to the YouTube Channel IIMS Creations: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHmfq5y9GvsG-AillPnl-cA

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