“From Image to Impact: Personal Branding’s Role In Career Advancement”

“From Image to Impact: Personal Branding’s Role In Career Advancement”

“From Image to Impact: Personal Branding’s Role In Career Advancement”

On November 6th, 2023, students of BIHM Jan 2021 Batch brought together a collaboration event between IIMS College and Taylor’s University in the form of a thought-provoking Panel Discussion titled “From Image to Impact: Personal Branding’s Role In Career Advancement” at Aranya Boutique Hotel. Students got to witness and learn from an esteemed panel of guest speakers, including Joaquim Dias Soeiro, PhD, CHE, CHIA, Associate Professor and Head of School at Taylor’s University, Lakeside Campus; Mr. Sachin Pradhan, Corporate Director of Operations at Soaltee Hotel and Resorts; and Mr. Dipankar Sherpa, Director of WMBA at IIMS College.


In today’s competitive hospitality industry, Personal Branding plays a crucial role in building a unique professional identity, allowing one to differentiate themselves from competitors. It guides them to position themselves as credible and valuable assets setting individuals to lean towards a successful career.

The essence of personal branding in career advancement was well-deployed throughout the panel discussion in two rounds i.e., the presentation round and the Q&A round. MC Prasamsha led the stage by explaining the event objectives and invited GDS representative, Mr. Rukesh Ghimire, for the welcome speech. MC Kreeti then introduced the key guest speakers and invited them to take their seats on the stage.


In the first round, the guest speakers demonstrated an engaging presentation to emphasize the importance of personal branding. They discussed its impact on professional life and delved into distinct ways to create a personal brand. They explained various organizational cultural values and engaged in a lively discourse sharing their real-life experiences as professionals in their respective fields.

Following the first round, the moderators commenced the Forum Discussion Session and the Q&A round took over. During this round, students asked enthralling questions to the guest speakers. 


A/P Dr. Joaquim, Head of School, shared insights relating to the hospitality industry from an international perspective, on the impact of a brand image on freshers who are yet to climb the first step of the career ladder. As an expert in the hospitality and tourism industry, he provided concrete advice on building and maintaining a unique personal brand throughout the different stages of the career ladder.

Moving on, Mr. Sachin Pradhan, Corporate Director, explored the influence of personal branding on networking and professional relationships and shared tips on how one can mitigate risks associated with it. He shared valuable insights and practical strategies for establishing a strong personal brand and advancing careers within the industry from the perspective of a seasoned hospitality professional in Nepal.

Mr. Dipankar Sherpa, WMBA Director, further offered viewpoints on the need to develop a personal brand image for self-enrichment and career development. As a consultant to various corporate houses, he showed how one’s online presence plays a pivotal role in their career and explored emerging trends or tools that professionals should be aware of. He also shared his experience as a motivational speaker and trainer and revealed success stories of individuals who elevated their career prospects through continuous personal branding efforts.


The panel discussion “From Image to Impact” highlighted the transformative impact of personal branding in leveling up one’s career where students got to learn directly from the industry experts. After its completion, everyone headed for lunch and the event concluded with optimistic feedback. The collaboration event was a huge success that empowered students to cultivate their personal brand and reach their professional goals in the hospitality industry.

Wrapping up “From Image to Impact”

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