IIMS Jolly Christmas: A Joyful Recap

IIMS Jolly Christmas: A Joyful Recap

IIMS Jolly Christmas: A Joyful Recap

Christmas is a season for jolly gatherings, gift-giving, warm feasts, and spreading festivity along with good cheer. The spirit of Christmas was alive and thriving at IIMS College as BBA 2nd Semester students hosted the IIMS Jolly Christmas event on December 24, 2023. Dazzling Christmas decorations, hype-filled performances, mysterious Secret Santa, diverse student stalls, exciting games, and activities filled the IIMS Jolly Christmas with festive wonders. 

IIMS Jolly Christmas 2023

Christmas Decor, Christmas Vibes

This Christmas season, the college was transformed into a winter wonderland. The Christmas garlands right from the college entrance, the twinkling lights hanging up the pathway, the snowflake decors all over the main ground, everything created a magical Christmas atmosphere. Also, everyone dressed up in their Christmas outfits added another festive touch to the event. 


Student Stalls

In addition, the student stalls echoed Merry Christmas as the ground turned into a Christmas marketplace. Almost no one went hungry or empty-handed at the event! Accessories, plants, hoodies, and a tempting spread of momos, pickles, chips, hot chocolate, and brownies were all on offer. This eventually made a fun and satisfying experience for everyone.


Games and Fun

Furthermore, the game sessions in between kept everyone engaged. Mainly, the excitement aroused when Santa entered the ground. The hosts conducted quiz sessions and the winner received sweet treats from Santa itself. The musical chair game also became a highlight of the event, creating memorable moments and fostering a sense of togetherness among the participants. 



One of the major highlights of the day, the performances were a show-stopper. The energetic dance performances got everyone dancing on their feet. The soothing singing performances were a delight to the ears. Besides, the audience singing along created an enthusiastic domino effect. Moreover, the band performances hyped everyone up ultimately creating a lively and upbeat atmosphere.


Secret Santa

The exciting surprise gift-giving part can’t be missed. Many people registered for the Secret Santa days before the event and now was the time to eagerly exchange those presents. As participants unwrapped their presents, smiles, and laughter filled the air. 


IMS Jolly Christmas indeed created a jolly atmosphere. Everyone had a blast celebrating this wonderful season of Christmas. As the year came to a close, the memories of this festive day will undoubtedly remain. It will remind us of the joy that comes from coming together during the holiday season. May these memories continue to resonate, bringing smiles to our faces as we look forward to more joyful gatherings in the future.

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Glimpse of IIMS Jolly Christmas 2023

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