Final Exam Regulations

Dear Computing Students,

Kindly take note of the exam rules and act accordingly.

Remember to join in 30 minutes early before the stated exam time. For the Final Exam, students must collect exam tokens for exam admission.

Also as previously briefed during the exam meetings and mock exams, Students may choose to use any answer papers to write and compile their answers as long as they use the Exam token, Answer cover page and other answers. Also, students may come to college to collect the answer papers to be used during each final exams.

Student may further contact Mr Sagar or Mr Mani Raj / Pappu sir for the answer paper collection.

– All exams question papers will be released inside google classroom
– Students must hand-write all answers sequentially and submit the answers in pdf format using ‘CamScanner app’ or ‘Camera Scanner app’ or other suitable apps.
– Students are advised to keep their written answers handy in-case required for later purpose
– Students will be divided into separate groups. Each group will have to join a separate google meet link which will be used for exam proctoring (monitoring).
– – Students are not allowed to use any software or programming tools during exam unless otherwise is stated as requirement in the question booklet.
– Students are not allowed to use any communication apps and use earphones or headphones during the exam. If found being used will be considered as a cheating case and might result in the exam cancellation.

– All communication during the exam is limited only via google class messaging or text tools.

– Students must remain exam-sufficient i.e. connected throughout the exams period, and have their web camera turned on during the whole exam duration.
– Students will have additional 30 mins to 1 hour to depending upon the exam nature to compile their answers and upload into google classroom. The compilation time will be briefed by invigilator before beginning the examination.
– All answers submission must have an Exam token, an exam cover page clearly mentioning Student’s Full Name, University ID, Course Code, Course Name and exam dates.
– College Management will not be responsible for any course failure for not being able to verify or identify student’s submissions.
– It is the student’s responsibility to compile and submit the answers in a readable format.
– The file name must be in following format: Firstname_Lastname_ID_Subjectname.pdf

Also be informed on below:
– Every 5 mins submission delay will result in additional 10 marks deduction
– Any delayed or late submission by 40 mins will not be marked
– Submission of answers via email will not be marked
– All submission will be checked against the similarity percentage or any possible plagiarism and significant similar answers will not be marked
– Lastly, I request all to clear their dues before Sunday, 15th Aug 2021 and obtain a Exam token, which will be used as a proof of identity and exam attendance during the exams

Students can now visit college for collection of Exam token. Kindly contact exam department for further queries.

IIMS Academics

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