Notice: Corona virus pandemic and BSc Computing activities

Dear Students,

Like all of you, we at IIMS College are also concerned about the corona virus and its potential effect on students, families, faculties, and staff members. I write today to share the latest information we have and some decisions we have made to look out for the well-being of our college community. There has not been a confirmed case of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel corona virus, in Kathmandu or in the whole Nepal yet. Thus, our immediate risk for now remains low. However, the situation is rapidly evolving in neighboring countries with unpredictable trajectory and since much remains unknown about the threats posed by COVID-19, we take it very seriously the responsibility to make prudent choices for the well-being of our college-community. Our management team will continually share and update information to everyone through messages, website and social media sites about what we know and our plans that will best protect our college community.

So as of now, we have planned and are hoping that all our academic activities (Lectures, practical and assessments) will continue further 2-weeks i.e. until Fri, 27th March 2020. Students are advised to submit all their course components (all assignments, COOP reports and ELE reports by Fri, 20th March 2020). Should the condition for normal operation deteriorates we will keep everyone informed the best possible ways.

If there were ever a time to be both great and good, this is surely it. Thus, we further advise you to take healthy and precautionary measures, remain updated on college and national announcements and help spread the message among your friends-colleagues.

For any further queries or personal concerns, you may have please do not hesitate to discuss it in person either with me or any member of IIMS staffs.


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