IIMS Dashain Carnival 2022

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September 25, 2022 07:00 - 15:00 Asia/Kathmandu

IIMS Dashain Carnival 2022 is a franchise event of the IIMS group. The faculty of BIT and BCS are very much overwhelmed to present the audience an event filled with different fun and enjoyable activities which will surely engage everyone up until the end. 

This year, on September 27th, we will be presenting you with the 6th iteration of the event at the college premises itself, and we request all of the students of the IIMS group to grace the event with their presence. The theme of the event is titled "Cross-Cultural". So, everyone present is requested to attend the program in the cultural dress of their choice. Yet, people preferring casual wear are also heartily welcomed. 

As soon as you enter the college premise, you will be given a coupon that will later be used to giveaway gift hampers at the end of the event. Three lucky students will get a surprise gift from the organizing team. One of the unique attractions of our event is the cultural show, where you can experience a cultural runway walk in one of the segments and a cosplay costume runway in the other segment. 

Likewise, there will also be a renowned band present, The Elements. Similarly, our other attractions are students' performances, including singing, dancing, and many more. 

Furthermore, to keep the audience engaged, there will be the presence of interactive stalls like food or game stalls at the carnival. Similarly, there will also be treasure hunts to keep the students more engaged. 

The tagline of our event itself describes how meaningful and fun this program will be. We have decided to include multiple traditions and practices in this event in order to give it a unique theme. People present at this event will be overwhelmed with exciting experiences and will also be a part of a program that has never been done before in their college.

Event Highlights.

  • Our main attraction is a cultural presentation with two elements. There will be a ramp walk show on traditional Nepalese dress in the first half, and a ramp walks on cosplay costumes in the second segment. 
  • Similarly, the popular band, The Elements, will perform. Student performance will be the third activity (singing, dancing, anchoring). 
  • Similarly, treasure hunting is provided for individuals who enjoy the adventure. 
  • Finally, there will be a non-alcoholic beverage and food stall and a games stall for students' refreshments.

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