Dashain Carnival & Nepal Food Festival 2021

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September 25, 2021 All day

IIMS Dashain Carnival and Nepal Food Festival 2019 is an event about fun, entertainment and most of all showcasing Nepalese culture via various traditional dances as well as through authentic food from different parts of Nepal. Along with musical performances and dances, food served from different states of Nepal are the major event highlights. The event also consists of different gaming stalls where the audience can participate, be refreshed and even win prizes.
The major events in IIMS Dashain Carnival and Nepal Food Festival 2019 are segregated into three different categories:
Nepal Food Festival – “Uniting Nepal through a Plate”

One of the major event highlights, Nepal Food Festival will serve food from different parts of Nepal to the audience. Like previous year, this year too Nepal Food Festival provides an excellent platform for authentic dishes of Nepal to be showcased among a large audience. So far, this indeed is the only platform where such varieties of authentic delicacies get to reach such wide range of audiences.

Musical Concert & Cultural Show

Good food calls for good music. IIMS Dashain Carnival and Nepal Food Festival features musical performances by various renowned artists like Kutumba Band, Mukti & Revival Band, Kenjal Mehar Shrestha, ARTAJ Band and many other musical performances by students of IIMS College.

Along with musical performances, the event will feature cultural ramp walk and different ethnic dance performances. Students from IIMS College will be performing in the beats of traditional music from the east of Nepal, Mechi to the west, Mahakali. The dances include Newari, Tamang Selo, Gurung, Tharu and many other dances from Nepalese folklore. These dance performances will set the tone right for the event and bring in the vibes of real Nepal.

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