Learning Support Coordinator – BCS

Learning Support Coordinator – BCS

Basic Job Information

Objectives : To conduct programme wise needs assessment and identify students with learning issues or poor performances
: To manage, develop and to take direct responsibility for the provision of additional learning support, through promoting an inclusive educational environment.
: To build a strategy for supporting students with learning difficulties through peer-learning, group learning, additional support classes and other activities
Key Responsibilities : Identify (via attendance, an appropriate referral system and assessment), students with additional learning needs and provide support as appropriate.
: Assist in student support strategy to ensure early intervention for struggling students
: Lead, plan, deliver and monitor additional learning support programmes which are effective in raising the attainment of all students identified as requiring additional support.
: Assist in development of performance scheme process via peer and group learning activities, training or additional support session to enhance student’s overall learning experience
: Work collaboratively with faculty and program director to reach out to students regarding their course outcomes and inform on consequences of poor performance and advise on improvisation
: Develop and maintain accurate and easily accessible counseling records and processes for all learning activities including monitoring of attendance, assessment and exam outcomes ensuring that student mandatorily attends such scheduled sessions, are easily identified and followed up
: Schedule meetings with guardians to discuss and communicate the overall feedback on students learning and advise feedback on academic performance
: Plan additional class schedules for poor performing students, track and create reports on learning outcomes of all ad hoc sessions and maintain its records
: Promote learning culture through additional support lessons to individuals or small groups. Assist in developing learning strategy to improvise student’s retentions

Technical Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent data manipulation, retrieval and analysis skills
  • Working knowledge of timetabling and scheduling in higher education sectors
  • Literate in Basic computer usage, Microsoft office packages and google apps
  • Be able to plan, prioritize and work independently

We Offer

  • Competitive salary & bonus
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