Associate Programme Support Officer – BCS

Associate Programme Support Officer – BCS

Basic Job Information

Purpose : The purpose of the mentioned post is for assisting in overall management of administration and operations related to the academic program. The key responsibility is to provide assistance required to run the assigned educational services and will include some or all of the following: regulating teaching/learning, student advising, creative activities and administrative responsibilities such as designing session/semester plan, timetabling and resource allocation/management. Furthermore it may include involvement in off-campus, evening or weekend duties, as well as student recruitment, retention, and placement efforts.
Expectation & Responsibilities : Be presentable and approachable with good communication and interpersonal skills
: Liaising with program Director, Faculty members, Students and staff to maintain and ensure that the quality of education delivered is at par with standards prescribed by the University.
: Assist in administrative task involving session/exam planning, Course registration, Class Timetabling, Organizing Meetings and documenting
: Identify and make use of resources for ensuring effective semester planning and ensure that the session is progressing in accordance with the initial Plan, academic calendar and timetables.
: Able to communicate student’s progress with their guardians and college’s management
: Assist in organizing college’s event and other promotional activities
: Be able to keep everyone informed of current happenings and future changes

Technical Requirements

  • Relevant Bachelor/Master's degree in IT with 1 year of industry exposure or strong motivation to purse career into Acaademics

We Offer

  • Competitive salary, Bonus and attractive work benefits
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Our University policy requires us to verify qualifications and academic backgrounds of successful candidates. The position will only be offered after initial screening of candidate’s academic qualifications, assessment of demo lectures (for teaching staffs) by IIMS academic team.

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