IIMS College takes “A Walk for Equity” to celebrate “International Women’s Day”

IIMS College celebrated International Women’s Day with the tagline “A Walk For Equity”. The event aimed to recognize and honor the hardworking and beautiful women in the organization who have contributed to its growth and success. To promote recognition and appreciation, the event featured meaningful activities that engaged everyone.

As a token of appreciation, 28 women employees were gifted hand-made cookies and muffins made by BHM 5th-semester students. Additionally, 10 companies supported the cause of “A Walk for Equity”. They purchased cookies and muffins in large quantities to aid the CDCA – Centre for Disabled Children Association.

Sweet Treats and Smiles

Writing appreciation notes for colleagues and acknowledging each women employee of the college added sweetness to the event. The event was filled with lots of laughter and dance. Additionally, the theme “A Walk for Equity” was possible thanks to the support of diverse companies. The companies include IIMS College, Aranya Boutique Hotel, Leapfrog, Inficare, Synergy Tech, Volkswagen, Orchid College, Asian College of Higher Studies, Happy Minds, and Norchhok Boutique Hotel.

Appreciation and Celebration

Overall, the recognition and appreciation given to the women in the organization, the cookies and delicious treats made by students, and the support of numerous companies, made the “International Women’s Day” occasion a memorable one for everyone.

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