Mental Health and Self-care Awareness for Staffs

On February 3rd, 2023, IIMS College conducted a Mental and Self-care Awareness session for staffs. The session was hosted by Aditya Dangol, a Clinical Psychologist, and Prashanna Ghimire, Assistant. It was an hour session aimed at providing knowledge on the significance of mental health and the need of self-care among staff members.

A total of 22 staff members  including 3 faculty members were engaged in this session. The session covered a range of topics including work-life balance, stress management, and coping mechanisms. The experts also shared tips on how staff members can prioritize self-care and their mental health in an effective way.

Prioritizing mental health and self-care is critical for overall well-being, especially in challenging work environments.The session was productive in advancing the wellbeing of the college’s staffs and building a healthy work environment.

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