IIMS Socialization Program for 2022 intake: A Fun Approach to Learning

IIMS College takes off to a refreshing start for newly enrolled students of 2022 intake across all the faculties with IIMS Socialization Program which is aimed at providing orientation and recreation to the newly enrolled students of all the faculties. It is a 2 days and 1 night programme that takes place at Trishuli Riverside Resort. The main objective of the programme is to create a bond among batchmates and help them get to know each other. .

Getting Ready for Rafting

The Socialization Programme took place in three batches, with BCS faculty on 14th & 15th December 2022, MCS and MBA faculties on 17th & 18th December 2022, and BBA and BIHM faculties on 29th & 30th December 2022. The programme included skill workshops, adventure activities such as rafting and ziplining, fun music and entertainment. A total of more than 470 students participated in the Socialization Programme, with 130 boys and 70 girls in the BCS batch,  45 boys and 67 girls in the MBA batch, 12 boys and 6 girls in the MCS batch, 32 boys and 61 girls in the BBA batch, and 30 boys and 18 girls in the BIHM batch.

Team Building Games

The programme was facilitated by a team of resource persons, with reputed individuals from different industry sectors and talented members of college’s clubs, IIMS Toastmasters Club and IIMS Bizhub Club. The team include Mr. Sachin Pradhan, Mr. Ajay Regmi, Dr. Chintamani Gautam, Ms. Punam Baniya, Ms. Nuri Fatima, Mr. Nobel Shrestha, Ms. Anupa Shrestha, Ms. Varsha Agrawal, Ms. Deepika Ojha, Ms. Niruta Kumal, Mr. Prajwal Gharti Magar, Mr. Kaushal Dawadi, Ms. Livi Pandey, Ms. Shristi Karki and Mr. Sandip Tiwari.

Resource Person : Mr. Ajaya Regmi Explaining activities to perform to the students

Along with the fun interactions, refreshment and bondings, the IIMS Socialization Program focused on the improvement of students’ all-round abilities. The program seeked at developing a variety of managerial abilities, including motivation and leadership, problem-solving and conflict resolution, time management and goal setting, mindfulness and wellbeing, team building and teamwork, communication and negotiation skills. The program’s focus on fostering these abilities demonstrates the college’s dedication to giving its students modern education that will help them excel in their future careers.

IIMS Socialization Programme for the 2022 intake aimed at providing a fun approach to learning and an orientation for newly enrolled students. Participants were engaged in entertainment, skill workshops, and adventure activities like rafting and zip-lining, which helped build bonds among students across different faculties. The Socialization Programme was a valuable opportunity for students to learn, grow, and socialize with their peers, all in a single event. 

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