Personality Development Workshop For BBA 3rd Semester

IIMS organized a 3 Day Personality Development Workshop from 6th July to 8th July for all the BBA 3rd semester students at the college premises. Personality Development is necessary in order to become a better version of oneself, develop self-awareness, and eventually guide the students to excel in both personal and professional aspects. Hereby, the 3 Day workshop was designed for the same. The sessions were delivered by three distinguished people i.e. Ms.Priya Sigdel, Mr. Ajay Regmi, and Ms. Sushma Shrestha who talked about Personal Grooming and Body Language, Personality and Job Planning & Leadership and Communication respectively. 

The personality development workshop began from 9:00 am onwards and was about two hours long which took place consecutively for three days. It emphasized the importance of knowing oneself and covered various areas of soft skills such as leadership, communication, personal grooming as well as other life skills. Different resource persons took over the session each day enabling students to receive valuable learnings and insights on personality development.

In the first phase, a session on Leadership and Communication was delivered by Sushma Shrestha, an international leadership trainer. She began with a short icebreaker activity that conveyed to the students how they need to find their inner strengths the same way they searched for the tiger heads hidden in the form of different objects. She shared one of her challenging life experiences and contrasted it with the importance of grabbing the opportunities. Moreover, students were asked to speak on the good qualities of a speaker. They were able to recognize their strengths as a speaker as well as discover ways to improve on it.  Moving forward, the session incorporated the application of a monologue in which the students performed one. 

Sushma Shrestha, an international leadership trainer

Likewise, a session on “Personality and Job Planning” was delivered by Mr. Ajay Regmi, a reputed corporate trainer. DISC Personality Test was the major activity carried out in this session. This test shows the results through the four personality types i.e. Dominance (D), Influencing (I), Steady (S), and Complaint(C). It determines the characteristics and personality of the test takers based on their ranked preferences. Students took the test and discovered how their nature, what their strengths and weaknesses could be and what kind of career suits each personality. Moreover, the session also covered how one should deal or communicate with each personality type.

Mr. Ajay Regmi, a reputed corporate trainer

Eventually, in the next phase of the Personality development workshop, a session was delivered by Ms. Priya Sigdel, Co-Founder/President of Hatti Hatti Nepal. Starting off with a quick group introduction activity and proceeding with the major theme i.e. personality grooming and body language, the session highlighted the importance of loving yourself, presenting yourself, and taking care of yourself. Students learned about the appropriate posture when sitting, walking, and communicating. Similarly, they also learned various ways how one can groom themselves. Ms. Sigdel ended the session interestingly in which all the students introduced themselves in a unique way one by one.  

Ms. Priya Sigdel, Co-Founder/President of Hatti Hatti Nepal

Overall, the 3-Day Personality Development Workshop sparked a lot of interest among the students. The workshop was engaging, informative, and fruitful where one learned about personality development. Students were able to identify who they are, learn how their personalities are, and were able to connect with themselves. They could feel a sense of self-awareness as well as learn how they can improve themselves.

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Students in action

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