PPT Development

PPT Development

PPT Development

Many students find themselves in awe during their University Life with not much attention being provided to their bridging courses. Students end up needing a lot of help in their Undergrad studies though having spent numerous hours in their entrance classes. Here is a solution to all Undergrad aspiring scholars’ problems: PPT. PPT is a complete all-around package catering to students’ needs for Personal (P), Physical (P), and Technical (T) development.

PPT is a 60 hours course that bridges you perfectly for your University Life.


The major objective of the PPT program is to ensure all-round development of the students for their Undergrad studies. In reality bridges the gap between “High School” education and the expectations of University study.

PPT expects its participants are:

  • P: Passionate
  • P: Progressive
  • T: Thriving


PPT is not just about joining the class to crack entrance exams. PPT covers a large area rather than just Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Logic, or General Knowledge. It’s about lifelong learning required to be a good disciple and largely be a good human to lead a successful as well as peaceful life. A young university entrant with just hardcore technical knowledge about Maths or Science shall not survive the university demands. Be it doing assignments, dealing with stress, troubleshooting your gadgets, properly presenting yourself, leading a team, doing a proper speech or presentation, PPT covers it all.


  • PPT program is highly recommended for students who are waiting to join any Undergraduate program be it in Nepal or abroad. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it is applicable for all Undergraduate aspiring students.
  • Many students may ask, I have already joined a CMAT or other Entrance preparation class, do it still require PPT?
    • The answer is, Absolutely YES!!!
    • PPT covers more than what CMAT or Entrance Preparation covers.
    • In fact, PPT touches the horizons and aspects that other Entrance Preparation classes do not.


  • The first dimension of PPT is Personal, which enhances an individual’s presentation of himself/ herself towards others. 
  • All soft skills required to be a good pupil and a successful human being is covered by this dimension.
  • It includes:
    • Team Building and Leadership (4 hours)
    • Goal Setting and Time Management (4 hours)
    • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (4 hours)
    • Grooming and Etiquettes (3 hours)


  • Being a good human being requires taking good care of one’s own physical and mental health to thrive in life.
  • No person can succeed in life without having good health.
  • For the same, PPT’s next dimension is Physical, the looks into making its participants aware as well as fit in both physical and mental aspects.
  • It includes:
    • Basic Exercises for Healthy Living (4 hours)
    • Yoga and Meditation (4 hours)
    • Basketball/ Table Tennis/ Badminton (10 hours)


  • Information Technology and Computer system have so much impact on one’s life that without them in some ways life gets stuck.
  • For the same, all individuals need to be sound technically to remain competitive in today’s competent industry.
  • The third and the last PPT dimension is Technical, which ensures all its participants are aware of Technology basics.
  • Similarly, other domain-related aspects too are covered in this dimension.
  • It includes:
    • General Program (15 hours)
    • Discipline-Specific Program (10 hours)
  • General Program (For Everyone):
    • Office Basics [Work/ Excel/ Powerpoint] (9 hours)
    • Computer Hardware and Networking (6 hours)
  • Discipline-Specific (Domain Specific):
    • Information Technology: Basics of Web Programming (10 hours)
    • Hotel/ Hospitality Management: Bar & Barista Basics (10 hours)
    • Management: Basics of Accounting Package (10 hours)


  • Pricing: NRs. 6,000/-
  • Early Bird Scheme: NRs. 3,000/-
  • Group Discount: NRs. 500/- less with every added participant i.e. NRs. 5,500/- each in case of 2 combined admission, NRs. 5,000/- each in case of 3 combined admission and similarly for others [Least Group Discount Offer available is NRs. 3,000/-, price below NRs. 3,000/- not applicable]

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