Internship Briefing Session 2021

Internship Briefing Session

IIMS organized an Internship Briefing Session on 2nd Jan and 3rd Jan 2022, for the BIT 3rd and 6th Semester. Every year students go through this 16-week internship briefing session which is also mandatory by the university. The internship briefing session of students will be evaluated by the employer or the hosting organization.

An internship is something that students solicit themselves. And this session is a hands-on experience for all the students. An internship is basically taking the flavor of work life.

With this Internship Briefing Session, students will benefit from understanding what is internship, the importance of an internship to how they can prepare themselves for the future workplace and thus it is a primary university course that we provide to our students.

To add up to this Internship Briefing Session, IIMS will be soon conducting a CV Preparation Session for the same students to better understand and implement it in their practical lives. This follow-up session will be conducted by Talent Acquisition Manager which will be scheduled to further enhance the student experience.

Internship Briefing Session

Besides, the college will also be conducting traineeship and career counseling at CloudFactory in this very first week of January for the students.

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