Scholarship Announcement May 2021

Scholarship Announcement May 2021

Scholarship Announcement May 2021

With this news, we are delighted and deeply satisfied to confirm that following BSc (Hons) Computing students have been awarded with the IIMS Academic Excellence scholarship for May 2021 session based on academic performance of Jan 2021 semester. Of all scholarship appeal applications received, following 10 students have been awarded with the scholarship based on evaluation against the following indicators:

  1. Status of Internal component assessment
  2. Course and overall Attendances
  3. Fitness to disciplinary conducts
  4. Faculty recommendation &
  5. Results of Final Board Exam
#student IDNameCurrent SemesterScholarship Value
12111055Mr. Lakas Shakya2nd50%
22111007Ms. Sadikhaya Shrestha2nd100%
32111071Mr. Sanjeev Bhusal2nd100%
4201104Ms Samina Singh5th50%
52011043Ms. Krisha Lungeli Magar5th100%
61913010Mr. Sandeep Risal5th100%
71913037Ms. liza Maharjan5th50%
8191304Ms Manita KC8th50%
9181301Mr. Om Narayan Singh9th50%
10181312Ms. Shital Basyal9th100%
Scholarship Awardee List May 2021

Congratulations, to all the listed scholarship winners.

This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding full-time students enrolled in BSc Computing, who have achieved positive academic records.

BSc Computing Department – IIMS Academics

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