IIMS Holi Double Blast 2021

IIMS Holi Double Blast 2021, the event at IIMS was as vibrant as the “festival of colors” Holi. With the exuberant casting of vivid colors, performances, and food and drink stalls topped up with musical sessions from Cob-Web and DJ Immortal, the day brought lots of memories to reminisce upon. 

The Preparations:

Looking back at the program, it was more than a day’s experience, multiple days of hustle, tiredness, and of course the excitement. On the pre-event days, weeks even, as the banners and posters lit up within the college walls, the buzz of the upcoming day was quite evident. Students were busy on their own, some making arrangements, the others making their own plans for the day. The plans and preparations, the bundles of tickets, the pile of t-shirts, the packets of colors, all reflected towards an amazing encounter that lied ahead. Social media too was not dull at all. The posters and posts of happenings of events were all over the college social media pages and Instagram stories. The timeline saw throwbacks and Holi Blast-themed profile pictures. The days did truly provide the insight of something magnificent that was awaiting ahead.

The Event Day:

A fun experience along with a learning platform the planning and organization from BBA 5th Semester were quite evident on the day. The performances went on in full flow, beginning at 10. Starting with a flash mob from the organizers, the enthusiasm filled energetic dance performances from different faculties soon followed getting the crowd of 600 going. The band performances with songs ranging from ‘Have You Ever Seen the Rain’ to ‘Mercedes Benz‘ got everyone on their grooves.

Cobweb live at IIMS

Oh yes! You could not quite miss the crowd lining up impatiently at the registration desk for the event to start after sanitization and temperature check since 9. Eager to dive into the amusement ahead, the sea of white t-shirts with the IIMS logo, with colors lit up on their faces moved towards the event venue at IIMS ground. The door sales went on full throttle throughout the day as many could not simply miss out on the amazing moments.

The energy of the crowd needed to get involved and enjoy themselves certainly had to be replenished. You couldn’t definitely visit the food and drinks stalls, not just to quench the thirst and hunger but to create a sense of satisfaction for your taste buds. After all the momos, sekuwa, hot dogs or laphing are not something you would want to miss out on. The beverages ranging from lassi to cold drinks, the mojitos, and lemonade meant the crowd was spoiled for choices. All these while not missing out on the tremendous performances and festive vibes with friends, it certainly was a delight.

Significance of the Event:

All the vibrant colors, the red, blue, light, and dark green ones, pink and yellow, the theme of the event was quite evident as one that signifies the festival of colors. The shades of colors brightened up the people’s faces strengthening the strong bond they already had. The involvement and togetherness were a clear indication of that bond, not only between friends but between seniors- juniors as well as students and teachers. The environment was never dull with colors in air, hand, and faces with lot provided in phases.

What if you had some complications due to colors or could not enjoy that because of other reasons? Though certainly integral part of it, Holi in IIMS is not just about colors. In fact, there was a different zone provided for those who did not want to be involved. The others too were respectful and responsible enough to maintain solidarity with each other’s ideas. So-what if you could not enjoy the colors, the performances, stalls, DJ session and the attraction of the day, the band Cob-web made sure your day was not gloomy.

The Cob-Web & DJ Immortal

Then! the feeling of a concert at IIMS. The band members of Cob-web entered the stage. Drums, bass, and guitars started producing melodious yet energetic tunes. The music in the air that midday was hypnotizing. The dancing shoes of the crowds were on as soon as the string of guitar created the first melody. Starting with the classic, ‘Hidhxu Sadhai’, the songs like ‘Mero Lagi’, ‘Pratibimbha’, ‘Maryo ni Maryo’, ‘Pret ko Nasha’ and others soon followed getting everyone on their toes, hooting and screaming. It was quite a sight. Wrapping up with ‘Mercedes Benz’ the band left after an hour and half of mesmerizing performance with everyone wanting more. 

After all these, more than three hours of fun, entertainment, and excitement, the cherry on the top was the DJ session by DJ Immortal. One hour of artistic musical composition, the combination of music and songs meant that everything ended on a bang. The legs did not feel any tiredness at all due to how amazing the environment was, how energetic the aura the music emitted.

DJ Immortal in action

Event Day Conclusion

Though dazzled the whole day, it was soon on everyone’s realization that as all great things end, it was time to part ways. Everyone left the venue smiling, laughing, and eager to join next year for something grander, something more exciting.

Photo gallery of IIMS Holi Double Blast 2021

A Short Glimpse of IIMS Holi Double Blast 2021

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