Experience in Commercial Cookery practical on Arabian Cuisine at IIMS

IIMS College has been providing the best of best service to their students in different fields. As a student of BHM, I got a chance to learn about various things where one of them is a practical session. Our college is having commercial cookery practical sessions where every week we get a chance to know about and taste different cuisines. The first week of practical was all about “Italian Cuisine” and similarly, the second week was all about Arabian Cuisine which was guided by Chef Rameshor Adhikari. 

Talking about the experience of Arabian Cuisine, it was really unique and different from the first week. I had never tried Arabian Cuisine which made me even more excited for it. Similarly, Chef Rameshor Adhikari was really friendly to us, and also, he created a friendly environment during the whole session. He even shared his own experience of cooking in different places. I must say being a professional chef he guided us very nicely. He explained about the cuisine which we had to prepare for the day. The menu of Arabian Cuisine for the day was Tzatziki as an appetizer, Harira Soup, as well as the main course was Maqluba and lastly, dessert was Mahalabia. He then described all the procedures for preparing the food and we all went to our own station and started preparing as per his guidelines. I and my partner laughed and gossiped a lot while preparing the food as it was all new for us. The name of the cuisine was so complicated yet it was so easy to prepare. Eventually, I had a very short and sweet conversation with the chef and our instructor which was really overwhelming. During the whole practical session, I enjoyed it a lot and I was just waiting for the time to taste the food because it was a very long day and also the food which we prepared was looking delicious. 

After that finally we tasted the food which was undoubtedly splendid and flavorful. Moreover, I can say that the experience of learning from Chef Rameshor Adhikari was really fruitful. The things I have learned from this session will be helpful in my entire life. It was an honor to have a chef like him who is so experienced and well professional and also a successful person in his life.  I am grateful towards IIMS College for providing the practical session where I truly had an amazing time with everyone.

-Bibina Shrestha

BHM 7th Semester 

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