Experience in Commercial Cookery practical on Italian cuisine

italian cuisine at iims college

The first week of commercial cookery practical on “Italian cuisine” instructed by Chef Bibek Maharjan completely exceeded my expectation. He was professional, competent, organized, and an excellent chef. It was an honor to learn about Italian cuisine from him. The menu for the day was popular dishes of Europe especially in Italy i.e. Crostini, Minestrone soup, Pan-seared Chicken with mashed potato and mushroom, and Panna cotta served with fresh fruits as a starter, soup, main course, and dessert respectively. We were explained about the ingredients we have to use, how we have to use them, and all the processes and methods of cooking. And then we were preparing all the items ourselves. The chef and our instructor came to our station in a timely manner and were making sure we were properly preparing the food. We were explained about every small detail so that there won’t be any confusion and won’t mess up things during the practical.  

Know the Chef Bibek Maharjan

The main thing we learned from this practical is not just cooking but as well as we got an opportunity to upgrade our level of culinary skills. This practical provided by our IIMS College was not just about the cooking and preparing the dish but as well as how we perform and express ourselves with the dishes we prepared. The college had provided such a friendly environment to us, students, we felt like that we were preparing the food with our friends and family. The chefs were so experienced and professional that we were so happy and blessed to get a knowledge and learning experience from our respected chefs. The environment they created during the practical was professional and organized that I was inspired and motivated during the time of practical. The things we learned and experienced during this practical is that how important grooming is needed, how well you have to have communication skills even in the kitchen, how we take the learning that had been provided to us by professional chefs, and how the college has given us such an opportunity to meet and learn with experienced chefs for our career growth path.

Few Glimpse of Italian Cuisine

-Amisha Khadka
BHM 6th semester

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