Things To Know About An MBA In Nepal

Things To Know About An MBA In Nepal

Things To Know About An MBA In Nepal

The MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is an internationally recognized degree to create professionals in the field of management and business and provide them with skill sets to lead ventures and drive businesses to the full potential. 

There are things you must know about MBA before pursuing the course along with what happens while studying the course and the things acquired after the completion of MBA degree.  

Things to know Before studying MBA

Know Before

Studying MBA

1. Know your campus: Know your campus in and out! Research as much as possible. Try to connect with your seniors, ask them questions related to specializations, campus curriculum, placements scenario, opportunities for students to grow, and the overall lifestyle in the campus.

2. Powerpoint and Excel: Make sure that you are good at PowerPoint and Excel, they are used in all specializations and will form the basis for every analysis that you will be doing in your MBA. Think of them as “LIFELINES” without which you have a chance to drown.

3. Add value to Your CV: Try to add much value to your CV by participating in programs starting from the undergraduate programs to the postgraduate program only and also access to rewards like cash prizes and PPOs/PPIs. Even if one doesn’t win, the experience itself is a reward. So go on and take them all on.

4. Adaptability and Time Management: Adaptability and Time Management are a few aspects you need to learn and excel at. The more dynamic you are there are better chances of you to succeed.

5. Tune Your Soft Skills: Tune your soft skill by learning how to communicate and interact with people. Soft Skills are one of the most essential skill sets required to succeed in the modern-day Business Environment. LEARN TO NETWORK!!!

6. Case Studies: Participate in the Case Study Competitions organized by different Business Houses whether they are big or small. Case Studies help to understand various real-time scenarios of business through some of the best real-life examples.

Things to know While studying MBA:

Know While

Studying MBA

1. Study: At the end of the day, an MBA is an academic degree/qualification, so don’t neglect the basics – ever. Even if your grades don’t matter for that dream job of yours, a lot of what you have access to, in terms of education, during the MBA is very valuable.

2. Networking: You already know how important networking is and the benefits you get from it. Get to know your batch mates properly and jel up with them. Who knows, when your batch mate could play a pivotal role in your professional career.

3. Experiment and Explore: This is where you start realizing the opportunity you’ve got. MBA provides you some of the most exciting paths to experiment and explore. It’s an opportunity to put your practical experience into action and further try to explore through the proven theoretical frameworks.

4.Stay focused: While you are experimenting and juggling 20 different things, it is important to have a plan. Have at least one role/job/company that you are working towards; if possible, right from the start. 

While this may evolve and you may start straddling two boats at once, it is important to at least have one solid option that you are working towards and doing everything you can to make yourself irresistible for that.

5. Gain Relevant Skills: Also, know the skills you want to have and how you’ll pitch yourself. Apart from getting the requisite coursework, there are ways you can get those skills and also showcase them. A few good examples could be Internships, Projects, Competitions, and Group work.

6. Enjoy: It is easy to get lost and completely soaked up in the demands that the MBA puts on your time. Though make sure to enjoy everything you do. After all, it is for yourself by yourself. Well…that’s the bonus feature.

Things we acquire after Completing MBA

Process After

Completing MBA

  1. Leadership: MBA graduates possess an understanding of leadership and what makes an excellent leader. Students undertake subjects such as ‘Leadership’ and ‘Strategic Management’, equipping them with the knowledge of how to be a good-quality leader.
  2. Strategic Thinking: The ability to urge under the skin of a business challenge, or potential new opportunity, and weigh up its merits are often an excellent advantage in your career. The strategic thinking skills you learn while earning your MBA aren’t only applicable within the business world, but across various areas of your life like your personal goals and finances.
  3. Knowledge: You’ll be able to think Outside-The-Box and weigh multiple options or solutions in your mind while you work to fix a problem. The coursework for an MBA may seem based on facts and numbers, but the entire experience often ends up sharpening creative thinking giving a vast knowledge to the MBA graduates.
  4. Problem Solving: You address business issues and real-world business challenges which hones your ability to seem beyond your role and see how organizations operate as an entire while going through an MBA program. This also increases your exposure to diverse perspectives on global, social, and business issues, as you collaborate with aspiring graduates whose background, experience, and career goals differ from yours.
  5. Entrepreneurship: Every skill you gain by doing an MBA could be useful to you as an entrepreneur. An MBA degree can carve out a path for future entrepreneurs. Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task – you will be self-employed, and though it seems exciting, it is not a walk in the park. This is where the advantages of an MBA come into play having that vast amount of knowledge, experience, and network. 
  6. Better Communication: MBA graduates often find themselves communicating better at work with everyone. Being a far better communicator is important in lifestyle, regardless-of-where, or once you communicate your needs and concepts for solutions.

MBA from the perspective of a student


You need credibility in academics, logic, and validity of the MBA degree you are acquiring, as graduating with an MBA degree in Nepal. It is one of the greatest achievements in someone’s life–but the sense of accomplishment and excitement is just a part of the bigger road ahead.


Your foremost want as an MBA student is the timely completion of your MBA while getting a fair chance to balance fun and studies along. And as your journey as an MBA student begins, you will/ can seek academic and administrative support from their college. 


The fear of failure always terrifies everyone including you as a graduate student. It keeps one from trying and taking risks. The fear of uncertainty can affect one’s ability to take the risk again which makes it difficult for them to make an absolute decision for them. Lastly, safety and security is an important aspect of fear in you as a student seeking an MBA degree.

Eligibility for studying MBA in Nepal

All the management colleges have their own criteria for enrollment. In Spite of that, the general requirements for the enrollment in these colleges includes a minimum of 15 year of formal education with a Bachelor’s degree. 

Your academic standing, overall performance, involvement in other extra-curricular activities, and many other factors also count despite the eligibility criteria while choosing a student by the universities. 

For the admission in IIMS, a student must have a minimum of 2 GPA aggregate from a recognized board in any discipline. 

MBA Fees Structure in Nepal

Generally an MBA is a two year postgraduate programme. The fee structure is mainly segregated according to the semester or sometimes on a yearly basis. The fee structure varies from colleges to universities. In Nepal, the government colleges cost approximately 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 nepali Currency. While the private colleges affiliated to different universities cost around 7,00,000 to 10,00,000 Nepali Currency. 

The prices are variable in different colleges due to the different services they provide their students. Some of the criterias for additional fees are field visits, lab fees, internships, and so on. You need to be careful on what you are paying for and is the college fees fair with the services it is providing. Research and make the best decision for the college you apply for.

While at IIMS, being affiliated to Lincoln University Malaysia, the full-time postgraduate total fee for the year 20/21 entry will be around NRs. 3,95,000 plus certain University Fee. This total fees of IIMS will cover the cost of your study at the affiliated university as well as registration charges of the university..

Your Support System at IIMS:

Faculty Oriented- The esteemed faculty members/facilitators are the guides towards your goal achievement, who are ever ready to provide their help and assistance in need. The online Profile of the teachers is made available on the college website.

Administration Oriented- The flexible timings of online classes and speed of result publication, availability of study materials and other support using online portal make it more convenient for both working adults as well as full-time researching students.

Career Oriented- The LIC MBA course syllabus focuses mainly on career-changing/enhancing subjects such as an emphasis on research, while additional support is provided using research and analytical tools and experienced research supervisors.

Management Oriented- Since the lockdown period, Google Classroom is being used with fully equipped teaching/ learning tools, interactive virtual classroom, recorded lecture sessions, and engaging assessments. Even in the entire pandemic situation, up until now – there have been continuous and uninterrupted online classes. The progress of students and quality education provision was, has, and will never be compromised.

Key Benefits of studying MBA at IIMS

The key benefits of studying MBA at Nepal with IIMS include the following features:

  1. International recognition: 

We have affiliations and collaborations with reputed universities of the world. We develop opportunities to participate in multidisciplinary projects at the international level and thus students can acquire knowledge regarding the global education context as well as the global trends in the education sector. 

  1. Affordability: 

Our mission is to provide excellent quality higher education opportunities for a diverse student population at a very affordable fee through IIMS Lincoln Scholarship and Financial Aids. We provide scholarships in all our offered programs.

  1. Talent Growth Platform (The IIMS Culture): 

IIMS Lincoln College students are encouraged to become involved in the extra-curricular activities available at the college i.e. orientation program, Dashain Carnival, Prom Night, Holi Blast, Khel Utsav [Sports Week], Lincoln Homecoming. This builds confidence, encourages teamwork, and gives students a strong sense of achievement and belonging. 

  1. Ease of Work-Life Balance: 

The programs are designed with 50% theory and 50% practical or industrial training with qualified and experienced lecturers to build and ensure student success. Along with this, students get their chance to balance their personal and professional life.

Experiences studying MBA at IIMS  

You can truly experience the best academic sessions studying MBA with IIMS through the following characteristics : 

  1. Systematic inquiry-based research
  2. Case Study Approach
  3. Group Problem Solving
  4. Interactive Presentations

While the other features in the MBA program at IIMS include:

  1. Virtual & Face-to-Face classes
  2. Project Supervision by experienced resource persons
  3. Guest Lectures by industry experts
  4. Extra-curricular Activities

The classes are conducted using interactive Lecturers, Group Problem Solving Exercises, Presentations, Case Studies of national and international organizations, Journal Articles, Using Statistical Analytical Tools, and Systematic Enquiry based Research. Also, in times of need, online classes with fully equipped teaching materials, interactive virtual classrooms, recorded lecture sessions, and engaging assessments have been provided to the students so that in no circumstances shall one compromise with their academics. 

You have known everything about what you should do before enrolling in an MBA program. Getting an international degree at an affordable cost is the dream of thousands of students living here in Nepal while studying at IIMS will probably be the best decision of your life. IIMS stands as one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal providing you with three shifts according to your feasibility of time: Morning MBA, Weekend MBA, Evening MBA. Know your campus at counseling and college visits and make the right decision for yourself. 

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