IIMS Creations

IIMS Creations

IIMS Creations YouTube Channel is a platform showcasing ordinary as well as extraordinary student talents. Amid the pandemic and its impact on mental health, there needs to be a timely refreshment to ensure students are in a proper state of mind. 

Ever since our inception, we believe that college life should be beyond books, theoretical knowledge, classrooms, and only & only studies. Good grades won’t just be enough for students to perform better and excel in their professional careers. 

Academic performance along with extra activities and beyond bookish knowledge is the way to get ahead in today’s competitive world. For which, students need to keep their hobbies, interests, and passion alive with their academics. 

The idea of coming up IIMS Creations is to ensure students are provided with ample opportunities during as well as after the pandemic. Student engagement will ensure that students are in a proper mindset and they will keep on learning even during this tough period.

The major objective of IIMS Creations is to ensure students are engaged with something productive and make the most out of the capabilities they endure. 

IIMS LockDown Carnival Teaser

This channel would purely entertain its viewers through different forms of art performed by the students motivating them to do better in their future endeavors. 

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