IIMS unequivocally acknowledges that sports themselves are an imperative part of study in student’s life for which this significant event KHEL UTSAV 2020 was organized for all the beloved students, commencing from 2nd February and closing on 24th February. This event is intended to keep competitive sports at the heart of students and provide them with the opportunity to contend and achieve their personal best. IIMS truly believes that when students are physically and mentally fit, they will achieve more academically and thus to ensure students have a holistic approach which transforms them into multifaceted professionals and individuals.  

Sports such as chess, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, basketball, football, shot put, long jump, tug-o-war, 100m race and 200m race were scheduled as 7 day plan in different days where all the faculties incorporating BBA, B.Sc. (Hons) Computing, BHM, CSIT, BCA and MBA tussled to accomplish the definitive title of KHEL UTSAV 2020. IIMS witnessed some incredible collaboration as in teams and brilliant abilities of understudies in these games.

On the primary day of KHEL UTSAV 2020, we had the game of masterminds i.e. the chess competition, in which we had 54 participants from all the faculties. The challenge was neck to neck between all the members while the finals was one of a heck.

Simultaneously, table tennis round was another hyping sport conducted inside the IIMS premises. Altogether 80 students participated in this competition encompassing all the faculties. Table tennis was played in a two day time frame. The game for badminton was held in three different venues on different days. Firstly, badminton was played in Dasrath Rangashala, secondly inside college premises and finally at Tribhuwan Covered Hall where 80 students participated for the title of badminton champions.

The game for volleyball and basketball was played at Dasrath Rangashala where 10 different teams representing different faculties fought competitively for the volleyball trophies in different categories while 12 different teams representing different faculties fought competitively for the various titles of basketball.

Eventually, KHEL UTSAV 2020 concluded on 24th February leaving everybody with incredible encounters, some of win and some of misfortune, however it have shown everybody something in their lives. Winning and losing remains the subsequent thing, what truly matter is taking part, giving a try and pushing our points of confinement to accomplish what we can be in our future undertakings. On this concluding day, sports such as Tug-O-War, long jump, races and shot put were scheduled as athletic games at Lagankhel Army Ground.

With the conclusion of KHEL UTSAV 2020, taking a gander at the scoreboard of the event, BBA in total with 20 medals comprising of 10 gold, 7 silver and 3 bronze becomes the top faculty receiving most numbers of titles of KHEL UTSAV 2020. BHM turns out to be second with aggregate of 15 medals comprising of 5 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 3 bronze medals and BIT stands for third place comprising of 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 4 bronze medals making 14 in total titles. In like manner CSIT won 11 medals altogether, comprising of 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze and BCA won 3 titles compromising 2 gold and one bronze.   

All the winning students were awarded with certificates and medals while the faculties were awarded with trophies during the prize distribution ceremony on 6th of March, 2020.

The success of this event lies on the hands of faculties, staffs and students for all of their enthusiasm, hard work and preparation for which IIMS would heartily thank all the beloved ones and wish for more successful events in future endeavors.

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