IIMS Dashain Carnival and Food Festival

IIMS Dashain Carnival and Food Festival, this time was not only bigger but better too! And it has left us with plenty of fond memories to look back on till today. What makes this festival so special is that it is more than a day-long event- it celebrates our culture, our art, our food, and us! So let’s go back in time just a little bit and reminisce about the most beautiful moments!

On the onset of Dashain, IIMS was buzzing with activity. From venue bookings to vendor resourcing, operational management was going on in full swing. Students, excited and a little tired, prepared for the grand day- rounds and rounds of rehearsals to give their very best. Social media saw posts and hashtags, and the “going” count on the Event page grew gradually. The hype this time was definitely fuelled by the artist’s announcements. We cannot thank Mr. Siddharth Ghimire (Nepal.food), Niti Shah, Upasana Singh Thakuri, and Trishala Gurung for taking their time to share about the event.

The event day was a sight to see! One could feel the rush and energy of the crowd quite a distance away from the venue, Bhrikuti Mandap. The door sales were bustling with a crowd eager to go in, and things only got more exciting as you made your way in.   The number of fun things to do was definitely more than enough to get you a mastee-loaded day.

Let’s begin with the game stalls. From simple lotteries to guess and wins, each stall had something exciting in-store. And those who were good at the games, or simply lucky that day, got back with pockets full. Talk about serendipity!

The food items present were simply unmissable. Hosting ethnic dishes from all parts of Nepal, the event had at least one food item that you wouldn’t have tasted before. From spicy to sweet, there were items to satisfy each taste-bud. If you like to experiment, there were items like Saphumichha and Asla Macchha, and for those who like to stick to basic, there was a range of dishes too. Chhoila, yomari, bhakka, and many more.  There were also extremely popular items like Pani Puri and Laaphing to give that safe sense of familiarity to your taste buds. 

The musical performances in the back by peers of IIMS added to the vibe the entire time. There were seven of the song performances, from pop, rock, to classics. The dances were lively, elegant, and embodied the Nepalese culture perfectly, consisting of Nepali Fusion, Jhyaure, Dhimey Dance. It was a proud moment to witness our Nepalese youth showcasing their talents so confidently to a crowd and captivating hearts. Whether you chose to sit back on the ground and enjoy these from afar or hit the dance floor to groove to the melodious tunes, it was a great time assured.

Nepali model, beauty queen, and a first runner up of Miss Nepal 2016 who also represented Nepal in the Miss Earth 2016 contest- Roshni Khatri- hosted the event that made the experience even more lively. 

What followed these budding talents is a whole new story to tell. When the star artists hit the stage, the ground of Bhrikuti Mandap found itself consumed by much-heightened energy. 

Type III took the entire crowd to their attention within minutes of stage presence. The Kengal & Band performing live encouraged dancing, hoots, and many just mesmerized. It was a bash! Artaj Band was no less than a party. They got the mob grooving, screaming and dancing with their unique melody.

When the musical legends took to the stage, it was almost dusk, and the sky reverberated in popular symphonies.  The Band that mesmerizes people of age group, the Band that has the flavor of Nepali Folk music in their songs, MUKTI & REVIVAL hit just the right strings with their songs. Cheers, “Once more”, and everyone on their toes marked their brilliance. Next, the soothing, serene, and yet vibrant melodies of Kutumba filled the aura with a beautiful note. Kutumba took everyone on a beautiful musical journey. It was almost as if a magical spell was cast over the Bhrikutimandap ground that September evening.

But true magic was yet to come. The much-awaited collaboration of Mukti and Revival and Kutumba left everyone awestruck. Flutes, drums, sarangi, Madal, Tungna, and Dhol paired up with the unmatchable beats and vocals of M&R was truly a must-have experience.  It was an enchanting musical experience all under one roof.

The show was signed off with a fashion-show by IIMS students. The students looked ravishing in their attire of traditional Nepalese clothes, and they flaunted it with grace and elegance. The show was performed well-enough to get everybody’s patriotic side out and about and was greeted by huge applause and acknowledgment from the crowd. 

As the event drew to an end, the faces leaving the venue were smiling and laughing. It wasn’t of many surprises to anyone that everybody had had a great time.  But the best part was that they knew- this was not the end, but only a stage set up for a grander, better carnival next time!

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