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Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) or often called BSc.(Hons) The computing curriculum is designed to cover all emerging market demands and provides in-depth and hands-on knowledge of the principles of programming plan, software design and advancement just as key operational and specialized parts of computing. Understudies of this program ace the important business aptitudes, for example, design and analysis, programming, software design and development, upkeep of new improvements, database organization and admin, system and framework organization, and data and information frameworks. Some of the alternatives to studying BSc (Hons) in Computing are Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), Computer Engineering, and Bachelors of Information Management (BIT). 

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science Information Technology(CSIT): 

The course focuses on the theory of computational applications, with the “How and Why” behind computer programs and functioning. Utilizing calculations, algorithms and propelled arithmetic, computer researchers and scientist find better approaches to control and move data. Computing scientist is commonly worried about an algorithm, computing, AI, programming, OS frameworks, and usage.

Computer Engineering:

Computer engineers make computer parts work together. Computer engineers and architects are answerable for the exploration, structure, and advancement of PC hardware like circuit sheets, microchips, switches, video cards, and so forth.

Bachelor of Information Management(BIM): 

Information Management is a comprehensive course integrating aspects of business and administration, economics, and computer science. It involves the application of theories, ideas, and tools to analyze information systems. The course aims to train students in data management systems, software design methods, managerial skills, to name a few.

A Scenario of BIT in Nepal

Bachelor of Computing has risen as one of the most popular and demanding courses in the country. The possibilities with technology are endless as society moves towards a more advanced world. With this, the career scope and opportunities  BIT in Nepal has the ability to change the current structure of information technology in Nepal. The core unit provides fundamentals of information technology that provides the student with the knowledge and skills in programming, system design, computer networks, and communication. The propelled unit empowers understudies to work out, create and apply their insight and abilities in numerous areas like multimedia, AI, portable computing, web, and mobile communication. With such diverse skill sets and knowledge, graduates of Information Technology are a great fit to a wide range of workplaces in Nepal, from INGOs, NGOs, IT firms, banks, and Universities. 

The Scope of BIT in Nepal

Can I build my career in Nepal after BIT? Is the major question that arises in students. With the advancement of technology in the world, a degree in computing is one of the most sought after degrees in the world, and Nepal is no exception. The establishment of various IT companies, software development companies, and telecommunication companies has generated high employment opportunities for students with skills in web design and development, programming, application development among others. Nepal is also seeing a rapid rise in IT colleges that advocate the importance of quality education in IT and its career advantages. Also, numerous computer training institutes also run software development and other training programs to impart professional skills in students. Thus, building an IT career in Nepal after a Bachelor’s degree has plenty of opportunities and avenues for consistent growth. 

What Are the Opportunities I Get After studying BSc (Hons) in Computing in Nepal?

As a graduate with BSc (Hons) in Computing, career opportunities are limitless! Be its supermarkets, banks, corporate and government offices, education institutions, all businesses need Information Technology! Therefore, it provides a diverse range of career and field choices for computing graduates. After a Bachelor’s degree, you could either apply for a Bachelor’s degree, start a venture of your own, or apply for various positions such as security analyst, web developer, programmer, database administrator, a systems administrator, and many other positions relating to technology or management. 

Graduates of BSc (Hons) Computing are well equipped to meet the requirements of both industrial and commercial organizations for information technology specialists.

Technical skills such as systems analysis and design and project management are sought after by industry, with good opportunities available for progressing into management and leadership positions.

Some of the prestigious positions that the graduates of BIT excel at are: 

  1. Web Developer
  2. Digital Marketing Expert
  3. Analyst programmer
  4. Application integration engineer
  5. Application support manager
  6. Computer operator
  7. Computer programmer
  8. Computer systems manager
  9. Desktop support
  10. Desktop technician
  11. JAVA developer
  12. Network engineer
  13. IT consultant
  14. Program analyst
  15. Project manager
  16. Software engineer
  17. System administrator
  18. System analyst
  19. SEO specialist
  20. Data Analyst

What is the Eligibility for BIT in Nepal’s College?

Entry requirements for this course are normally:

  1. Candidates with 50% and above in +2 and have minimum 50% marks in Mathematics in SLC and plus two Level.
  2. Candidates with a minimum of 2 principal subjects in A-Level
  3. English Requirement: A score of 213 (computer-based)/ 550 (writing based)/ 79-80 (Internet-based) in TOEFL OR
  4. Band 5.5 in IELTS OR
  5. Passing the English Placement Test (EPT) conducted by University

The requirement may differ according to university or colleges where some of the institutions increase the minimum eligibility criteria.

Fee Structure of BIT in Nepal 

The full-time undergraduate tuition fee structure for IT for 19/20 entry will be 700k. Tuition fees will cover the cost of your study at the university as well as charges for registration.

Are You Searching for the Right BIT College in Nepal? Why BIT at IIMS is a good opinion?

In academic collaboration with the UCSI University, IIMS offers a BSc (Hons) Computing degree consisting of 123 credit hours to be completed within a period of 3 years. Equivalent to the Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT) degree in its course content and career scope, BSc (Hons) focuses on the technical skills in computer programming and application of innovative technology. At IIMS, the BSc (Hons) Computing program has been designed in such a way that each semester, the core content of the syllabus is subjected to a 10% alteration, in order to incorporate new developments and changes in technology.

Nepal, as a developing country has grown to become a massive hub of Information Technology. There is a cut-throat competition of the Best IT colleges in Nepal. However, with a few approaches, facilities, and features, IIMS believes in standing a class apart.

The BSc (Hons) Computing degree is in collaboration with UCSI University, which is ranked among the world’s top 500 universities according to QS world rankings. 

Technology is continually growing, and we understand the need to adapt to this change. In the BSc (Hons) Computing program at IIMS, the syllabus is subjected to a 10% alteration each semester to incorporate any new developments and changes. 

The School of Information Technology conducts annual industrial board meetings with its panel members. Some of the members are Multimedia Development Corporation (a government-owned intuition that manages Malaysia’s Super Corridor), Exabytes (Malaysia’s largest cloud hosting company), and Hilti Malaysia (a software multinational corporation). The objective of these meetings is to assess and improve the current academic situation.

The program provides in-depth knowledge of the principles of software design and development, as well as key operational aspects of computing. 

IIMS encourages learning outside the classroom as well. Seminars, Guest Lectures, Industrial visits, inter and intra-college competitions, internship opportunities abroad, etc are frequently happening under the roof.

The labs, facilities, learning environment, and infrastructures

IIMS focuses on the overall personality development of the student. Extra-Curricular Activities are given high priority.

At IIMS, Learning is beyond textbooks and conventional approaches. Learning is exciting, and learning is fun! 

BSc (Hons) Beyond Books:  Programs Conducted at IIMS

To foster what we believe in, i.e. overall personality development, IIMS encourages the active participation of students through various programs. Some of them are:

  • Case studies and group discussion
  • Industry and Corporate Office Exposures
  • Guest Speakers
  • Personality Development and Leadership Workshops
  • Outdoor Seminars and Stimulations
  • International Educational Tours
  • IT professional Training
  • Internship and Job Placement
  • Real-Time Industry Project

You can stay updated about the various events through our social media pages: (links) or the recent news section: (link) on our website.

IIMS has been offering the BIT programs successfully since its inception in 2010.

If you are asking can I get a scholarship? Scholarships are available for deserving candidates. At IIMS, we recognize and respect talent, and we try our best to foster space for deserving talent! 

Did you know?

You are able to apply for the B.sc (Hons) at IIMS without any field of study in + 2. If you’re passionate about learning and grooming yourself personally and professionally, you are a right fit for us! 

Course Details of BIT in Nepal

The general Course Objectives and Program Learning Outcomes of BIT in Nepal are:

a. Awareness about new development and technology: 

The syllabus is subject to 10% alteration each semester to incorporate new developments and changes in technology 

b. Strong technical knowledge: 

A strong focus on IT technical knowledge and skills like programming, database, networking and multimedia 

c. Holistic development through extra-curricular activities: 

Opportunity to employ the knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios via extra-curricular framework boosting leadership, motivation, and self-satisfaction 

d. Practical experiences: 

Gain industry experience through co-operative placement internships every year 

Course Summary

Approval Code: A9516;10/2013

Classification: B.Sc (Hons)

Subject Area: Computing

Course Mode: Full Time

Course Duration: 3 Years, 9 Semesters (14 weeks per semester, 7 weeks per short semester)

Course Location: UCSI University, KL / IIMS College, Nepal

Intakes: January, May, and September

Admission Process:

The intake is limited, students are admitted through a properly conducted selection process. All the students will have to appear in the computer-based exam followed by group discussion and personal interview.

Admission Offer:

Successful candidates will be informed of their final selection. The admission offer letter will be sent to them giving details about the registration procedure that has to be completed within two weeks of receiving the letter, failing which the offer will be withdrawn.

Placement for BIT from IIMS

Our Cooperative Placement Program is designed to allow students to expand and refine the skills they have learned throughout their studies so far. Employers involved in the Program fully support students’ development, assess their progress and aim to provide a constructive learning environment to share fresh ideas and further develop computational knowledge.

Our Placement Unit will be on hand to support you in finding suitable placement opportunities. They will assist you in preparing your CV and interview techniques. They’ll also be in contact with you during your placement so that you’ll be fully supported while you gain the experience that employer’s value so highly.

So, for further details, you can go to our page here.

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