Workshop on Invention Cycle

Invention Life Cycle Workshop, was held in IIMS college on 6th of September 2017. There were participants from two colleges, IIMS college and Kathford International College and as the instructor for the day we had Mr. Bibek Chaudhary, technical evangelist at BrainWorks Solution & Services.

After introduction, to begin with the session, we had been shuffled and divided into teams. Since there, were participants from two different colleges this shuffling became an opportunity for participants to meet new people.

To be very dejsive about the day, I would say our first task was deciding a name for our newly formed team and introducing ourselves with a word or a phrase. And then several other tasks followed, such as, pitching an innovation/solution, building a prototype through available resources, quickly drawing sketches of whatever comes to mind relating to a common topic, and building a spaghetti tower etc.

Overall, the workshop was focused on developing an entrepreneurial mindset among the participants and unlock opportunities. We learned several things such as problem-solving skills, time management, quick thinking, team work, resource utilization and most of all we learned to take advantage of factors both inside oneself and in the external environment to unlock one’s pathway to invention.

The workshop was unexpectedly fun as well. Our instructor as well as new friends from another college were so frank and coordinating. To me, it became a session which changed my thought and unclear meaning of entrepreneurship as well.

Now, let’s see what our friends have, to say about the day.

“After this workshop, I had effectively learned many things that I would usually learn in a long run. The learning atmosphere was very easy going with the sweet drop of instructor’s voice was very helpful and tuned me and all the students. After this workshop, I am looking entrepreneurs in a whole new view. The way the class was conducted where we ourselves became a simple example to an entrepreneur’s thinking technique. The best thing I had liked best was instructor’s ability to give different ways of doing a task while in the other hand we were learning teamwork and time management. I was very excited how the instructor pointed out each persons and groups potentiality in less time.”

  • Manjit Shakya , B.Sc.(hons)Computing , IIMS

“It was really fun and new experience, learned a lot about entrepreneurship and it was a good experience meeting new people.”

  • Saurav Maharjan, B.Sc(hons) Computing, IIMS

“The program was really exciting and fun to be in. I got to make new friends during the ream formation. And every task that I was assigned to do with my team I did it with full enthusiasm and team spirit. I learned a lot about efficient task management in a short period of time. I felt motivated and happy throughout the entire program.”

  • Rakshya KC, B.sc(hons) Computing, IIMS

In the end, we all really appreciated the effort put by the mentors in teaching us new ways and ideas in finding opportunities through the workshop.

Article by: Momika Shrestha (MSP IIMS College)

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